Additional Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Resources

Access an extensive list of additional non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) resources covering topics including biomarker testing, preanalytic indicators, immunohistochemistry, next generation sequencing, liquid biopsy, targeted therapies, quality, reporting, and billing/reimbursement.


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Biomarker Testing

Molecular Diagnostics in NSCLC (5/2020)

Biomarker Testing for Patients with Advanced NSCLC: Real-World Issues and Tough Choices (ASCO Educational Book, 5/2019)

Current and Future Trends in NSCLC Biomarker Testing: The American Experience (9/2020)

Biomarkers for Lung Cancer Screening and Detection (12/2020)

Do More with Less: Tips and Techniques for Maximizing Small Biopsy and Cytology Specimens for Molecular and Ancillary Testing: The University of Colorado Experience (3/2018)

Preanalytics and Precision Pathology: Pathology Practices to Ensure Molecular Integrity of Cancer Patient Biospecimens for Precision Medicine (7/2019)

Operational Pathways for Biomarker Testing in NSCLC Environmental Scan (2021)

Biomarker Testing and Time to Treatment Decision in Patients with Advanced NSCLC (7/2015)

Pathologists at the Leading Edge of Optimizing the Tumor Tissue Journey for Diagnostic Accuracy and Molecular Testing (6/2021)

Genomic Testing and Targeted Therapies May Be Underused in Community Practice (6/2019)

Abstract: Genomic Testing and Treatment Landscape in Patients with Advanced NSCLC Using Real-World Data from Community Oncology Practices (5/2019)

Biomarkers in Lung Cancer (first page preview only, 3/2020)

Preanalytic Indicators

A Preanalytics Push in Accreditation Checklists (9/2021)


Immunohistochemistry of Pulmonary Biomarkers: A Perspective from Members of the Pulmonary Pathology Society (7/2017)

Staining Performance of ALK and ROS1 Immunohistochemistry and Influence on Interpretation in NSCLC (12/2020)

Diagnostic and Predictive Immunohistochemistry for NSCLC (abstract only, 11/2018)

IHC vs. FISH vs. NGS to Detect ALK Gene Rearrangement in NSCLC: All Questions Answered? (abstract only, 3/2021)

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Preanalytic Variables and Tissue Stewardship for Reliable NGS Clinical Analysis (6/2019)

Concurrent Fine Needle Aspirations and Core Needle Biopsies: A Comparative Study of Substrates for NGS in Solid Organ Malignancies (1/2017)

Cost Effectiveness of Multigene Panel Sequencing for Patients with Advanced NSCLC (6/2019)

Markers, Methods Remake the NSCLC Map (2/2021)

Liquid Biopsy

Liquid Biopsy for Advanced NSCLC: A Statement Paper from the IASLC (6/2018)

Liquid Biopsy is a Valuable Tool in the Diagnosis and Management of Lung Cancer (11/2020)

Traditional Diagnostics vs. Disruptive Technology: The Role of the Pathologist in the Era of Liquid Biopsy (8/2020)

Targeted Therapies

Immunotherapy for Advanced NSCLC: A Decade of Progress (ASCO Educational Book, 5/2021)

NSCLC from Genomics to Therapeutics: A Framework for Community Practice Integration to Arrive at Personalized Therapy Strategies (6/2020)

Advances in Treatment of Locally Advanced or Metastatic NSCLC: Targeted Therapy (6/2020)

The BATTLE Trial: Personalizing Therapy for Lung Cancer (10/2014)

ALK Inhibitors for NSCLC: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis (2/2020)

ALK Inhibitors in the Treatment of ALK-Positive NSCLC (1/2019)

Early-Stage NSCLC Treatment

Osimertinib in Resected EGFR-Mutated NSCLC (10/2020)

Adjuvant Atezolizumab After Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Resected Stage IB–IIIA NSCLC (IMpower010) (Abstract only, 10/2021)


Fostering Quality (7/2019)

Harmonized Outcome Measures for Use in NSCLC Patient Registries and Clinical Practice (8/2021)

AHRQ Research White Paper: Standardized Library of Lung Cancer Outcome Measures (8/2021)

ACCC Poster: Defining High Quality NSCLC Care at US Cancer Centers (10/2020)

ACCC Poster: Improving NSCLC Care Delivery: Findings for Oncology Nurses and Patient Navigation from a National Quality Survey (11/2020)

ACCC Process Improvement Case Study: Goshen Center for Cancer Care (2017)

ACCC Process Improvement Case Study: Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Johnston-Willis Hospital (2017)

ACCC Process Improvement Case Study: Southside Regional Medical Center (2017)

Sample Tools from ASCP’s CQI Certificate Program:


ACCC White Paper: Considerations for Pathology Reporting (2020)

ACCC White Paper: Patient-Centered Care: Reporting and Communicating Pathology and Ancillary Test Results (2020)


AMP Report: Molecular Pathology Economics 101: An Overview of Molecular Diagnostics Coding, Coverage, and Reimbursement (8/2020)

CMS Billing and Coding: Molecular Pathology Procedures (updated on 2/2021)

CMS National Coverage Decision for NGS (90.2) (effective date 1/2020)

Patient Resources

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