Promote Your Fellowship

The ICPI/ASCP Pathology Fellowship Directory provides a detailed listing of available pathology fellowship opportunities including location, description, qualifications, and instructions on how to apply. The Directory assists over 3,000 ASCP pathology resident members by providing the resources to locate the fellowships that are best suited for them as they move forward in their professional careers.

List Your Fellowship

Looking to promote your fellowship to the most candidates?  The ICPI/ASCP Pathology Fellowship Directory provides the opportunity to advertise your institution’s fellowship to ASCP residents and other visitors for the lowest cost available in the market.


Initial Listing: $300 - One 350-word listing with photo image

Additional Listings: $200 - Each additional listing by a single organization, when it is part of the same order. If you were to go back and start a new order, the discounted price would not apply until the second listing of that order is placed.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, download our Frequently Asked Questions below.

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How to Submit a Listing

To submit a new listing, follow these steps: 

  • Prior to submitting a fellowship listing, you will need to set up an account with ASCP if you do not already have one.  Please contact Claire Peterson at (312) 541-4691 or email if you require assistance in setting up your account.
  • Once you have set up your account, click the link below and login to the ASCP website to access the fellowship submission form.
  • Once you have completed your submission form, you will be prompted to provide your payment information. 
  • Upon approval of payment, you will receive information about how to access the system and post your listing.  Once posted, your listing will appear online within 30 minutes. Click here to view the ICPI/ASCP Pathology Fellowship Directory.
  • Note: ASCP does not proofread or edit submissions to the ICPI/ASCP Fellowship Directory. Listings will be posted as submitted; however, if you find you have made an error in your listing, you can follow the steps below to update your listing.

Submit a Listing

How to Update a Listing

You are encouraged to review your postings regularly and make any necessary changes. The ICPI/ASCP Pathology Fellowship Directory allows you to make updates to your listing while it is active. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Click the link below and login to the ASCP website.
  • Select the fellowship listing you would like to change.
  • You will be directed to a page where you will be able to make content changes to the fellowship ad description.  
  • When your fellowship position is filled, please check the appropriate box to update the status of the position to indicate it is filled.
  • Changes to your posting will appear within 30 minutes via our easy-to-use online system. Click here to view the ICPI/ASCP Pathology Fellowship Directory.

Update a Listing