THE ASCP Patient Champions Program


The ASCP Patient Champions program focuses on teaching patients and caregivers about the laboratory so they can better understand their options and choose the treatments that work best for them. Receiving a serious diagnosis can be life-changing. Patients and their caregivers can help take control of their treatment and care options by learning everything they can about a diagnosis, which includes laboratory and pathology results. ASCP Patient Champions not only advocate for themselves, they share what they’ve learned to empower others to do the same. Empowered patients are essential to create optimal health care worldwide.



project-1 “What I would like people to remember is first of all, that I was a good person: that I tried to always do the right thing, that I treated people well, and that I always dedicated myself to working in the laboratory, doing the best I could, or volunteering, in order to make someone else’s life better.”
project-2 “Understanding what tests are ordered and what the lab work means is empowering. The knowledge you gain can be transformative. It was for me! Pathology is at the core of every diagnosis.”
Specifie an alternate text for an image Without lab professionals and pathologists, I think modern medicine would be in a world of hurt these days. Laboratory professionals and pathologists help doctors make accurate diagnoses—and where would we be without that?"
Specifie an alternate text for an image "There are caring individuals who are tirelessly working to assist you and other patients."
Specifie an alternate text for an image “Channel your heightened emotions into positive actions."
Specifie an alternate text for an image “Because the diagnosis was early enough to do something about it, my future is actually quite good.”
Specifie an alternate text for an image "Ultimately, trust your doctors and their treatments, but do not be afraid to question them or to ask for further testing if something health related is not right."
Specifie an alternate text for an image "Ask for help and really focus on taking care of yourself, because without the help of family and friends I could not have gotten through my cancer treatment.”
Specifie an alternate text for an image “I feel that I am blessed. I count my blessings every day. I still continue doing good karma so I will be happy and feel content in what I have with gratitude.”