The Scientists Who Saved the World:
The Fight Against COVID-19

Burnout. Advocacy. Health Disparities. Preparation. The COVID-19 pandemic imposed unprecedented pressure on the laboratory. Over the past year, pathologists and medical laboratory professionals stepped up to the challenge and have become a knowledge source for patients and colleagues while simultaneously battling supply shortages and risking their own health to ensure patients get the testing and care they need.

ASCP is proud to bring you our latest docuseries, “The Scientists Who Saved the World: The Fight Against COVID-19,” an inside look at how the laboratories survived the past year, and how they are preparing for challenges ahead.


Episode 4: Not If but When: Preparing for the Next Pandemic
It’s not a matter of if there will be another pandemic, it’s a matter of when. Using the lessons learned from COVID-19 will help the laboratory lead in the future.




Episode 3: Healing the Wounds of Healthcare Disparities
The COVID-19 pandemic showed us the deep healthcare inequities in the U.S., and how important access to testing and treatment are. In our third episode, healthcare experts discuss how we can better serve under-resourced communities and start healing.



Episode 2: Educate + Advocate: The Laboratory's New Role in the Pandemic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the responsibility of educating the public as well as professional colleagues fell on the laboratory. This second episode looks at the newfound understanding of the laboratory’s role in healthcare.



Episode 1: The Human Toll: Burnout in the Laboratory

In this first episode of ASCP’s newest docuseries, ASCP CEO Dr. Blair Holladay sat down with leaders in the laboratory to shed some light on the human toll the pandemic has taken on the laboratory over the past year.