ASCP Laboratory Day of Service

The ASCP Laboratory Day of Service is a way for laboratory professionals and pathologists to transform their passion for this field into service that both empowers members and strengthens communities.

Taking place during Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (“Lab Week”), the ASCP Day of Service is an opportunity to demonstrate how much the laboratory cares for our communities through acts of service, building awareness for how the laboratory serves patients, and shedding light on the incredible roles within the laboratory.

When local, impactful groups of service-minded, passionate medical laboratory professionals and pathologists coordinate activities for their ASCP Day of Service, patients win, students win, the community wins, and everyone who works in the laboratory wins.

The dates for this year's Lab Week are April 14-20, 2024. Participants may choose ANY day during Lab Week as their Day of Service.

How to Participate

ASCP Ambassadors are encouraged to take the lead and:

  • Research local opportunities (or create one).
  • Choose the day (or days!) during Lab Week you will be organizing an event.
  • Plan your activity: will you host an Ambassador-type student or community laboratory awareness event or a giveback volunteer service project (see ideas, right)?
  • Maybe the answer is both!
    • Recruit others from your laboratory to participate.
    • If you’re an ASCP chapter member, you might consider expanding your team and doing something with the chapter or cross-organizationally with other chapter members.
    • Consider this flexibility within a framework: make this your own!
  • During the activity, you’re encouraged to share with those you’re serving that it’s Medical Laboratory Professionals Week and what that means.
  • Expand your reach by inviting local media to cover your event. Curious about how to make that happen? View the Media Savviness for Laboratories roundtable presented on 3/7/2024 (link provided in the ASCP Communities) and download a copy of the written media guide.
  • Last but not least: after the activity, submit an Ambassador Activity Report and post on social media using hashtags #ASCP #ASCPLabWeek #ASCPDayOfService

We are asking ASCP Ambassadors worldwide to embrace the ASCP Day of Service—and work individually or collectively to complete a project or event that improves the lives of others—and then tell the story.

Not an Ambassador and wish to lead a Day of Service project or event?

Email to make your ambassadorship official.


  • Match with an elementary/middle/high school group of students, Girl or Boy Scout group, library, or other community-based group to meet with young people about the laboratory, influencing their future career choice
  • Host a NextPo To Go (see “how to” guide in the Ambassadors Community)
  • Organize a lunch ‘n learn with medical students to showcase the influence and prowess of pathology


You are encouraged to be creative! These are simply ideas and do not indicate affiliation or endorsements of these organizations; local opportunities with organizations may vary, so contact your local office to understand their needs and the scope of volunteering with them.

Educators, activate your students for a service project!

Thoughts from Ambassadors

“It’s inspiring to know that Ambassadors around the globe are participating in projects that improve our communities—each one of us playing a role in something much bigger than all of us.”

Kerwin Kolheffer, MS, PA (ASCP)CM, ASCP Ambassador since 2013

“The Day of Service is the embodiment of the goodness that is at the heart of every laboratory. Ambassadors pay it forward by sharing their passion for this field with their communities. It’s amazing to see Ambassadors spring into action on this day and on so many others throughout the year.”

Natalie Sherry, Senior Director of Membership with ASCP

Media Toolkit

The ASCP Communications Toolkit is now available, this toolkit was developed to help participants promote their Day of Service.

Download Now


ASCP staff kicked off the Day of Service by making 12 fleece blankets that were delivered to cancer patients at Northwestern Memorial Medical Center in Chicago.