PRIDE in the Laboratory

Understanding and compassion at both individual and institutional levels is needed to better address the healthcare needs of the LGBTQ+ community. During Pride Month in 2022, members of the LGBTQ+ laboratory community shared their thoughts and experiences in healthcare, and what we can do to create an inclusive environment for patients and members of the healthcare workforce. To read interviews from 2021, click here.





Ronald Balassanian, MD
As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Ronald Balassanian, MD, has seen how far healthcare has come in terms of acceptance of LGBTQ+ people, but notes that there is still much work to be done. Here, Dr. Balassanian shares his insight and more.


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Cliff Sullivan, MD, FASCP, F(ACHI)
Cliff Sullivan, MD, FASCP, F(ACHI), understands that for patients, there are still barriers to acceptance, and subsequently LGBTQ+ patients are not always receiving the high-quality care they need. Here he shares his thoughts on inclusion and awareness, and how that translates to a healthier society overall.

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Michael Williams, MD, MSc, FASCP
Michael Williams, MD, MSc, FASCP, found strength in allies that enabled him to come out to himself and others. He shares a personal essay about the challenges he's faced and how being part of the laboratory community continues to help him move forward.