Honoring Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders in the Laboratory

ASCP celebrates Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the laboratory, seeking their insight into healthcare challenges and experiences that have impacted their career and healthcare overall. Read on to find out more from AAPI leaders in pathology and laboratory medicine.


3 Questions with Saswati Das, MD

For Saswati Das, MD, her career in pathology and laboratory medicine started with a profound fascination of understanding disease processes and a deep-seated desire to contribute to patient care while focusing on diagnostic medicine. The secret to a successful career in laboratory medicine, she says, “is effective communication with fellow physicians. It is imperative to close the brain-to-brain loop.

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3 Questions with Viharkumar Patel, MD

What Viharkumar Patel, MD, didn’t realize about pathology was that he had been unknowingly exposed to it during his undergraduate years at the University of California, Davis. He saw where this all came together in his pathology courses, and shares more of his thoughts on his decision to go into pathology, the mentors he’s met along the way, and lessons learned through volunteering.

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Sparking the Interest of the Next Generation of Laboratory Scientists

Rex Famitangco, MS, MASCP, MLS(ASCP)CM, QLCCM, and a past chair of ASCP’s Council of Laboratory Professionals, is passionate about sharing knowledge about the medical laboratory with children. He sparked the interest of a Girl Scout Troop in Nebraska during a presentation where they got to perform their own experiments.

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Additional Resources

To learn more, read interviews from our celebration of Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month in 2021, 2022, and 2023.