Celebrating Black Voices in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Diversity and inclusion has long been an issue in healthcare and has been a topic of intense and important discussion within pathology and laboratory medicine. These conversations are critical to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce that better represents the varied patient populations we serve. For Black History Month in 2021, Black leaders from within the profession shared their thoughts and experiences in healthcare, and what we can do to further discussions and improve equitable care.

Read the Q&As below!


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Carla L. Ellis, MD, MS, FASCP
President of the Society of Black Pathologists, Carla L. Ellis, MD, MS, FASCP, is driving change to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the profession. Learn more on her thoughts on the need for real discussions around race in healthcare in this Q&A.

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Aqua Asberry, HT(ASCP)CM
Aqua Asberry, HT(ASCP)CM, uses her experiences with racism to bring awareness to issues around diversity and inclusion in pathology and laboratory medicine. Read this Q&A with her to find out more on combatting these disparities.


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Michael Williams, MD, MSc
Michael Williams, MD, MSc, believes the pipeline challenges toward diversifying pathology start at the educational level. Read this interview to learn more about challenging stereotypes in medicine.



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Von Samedi, MD, PhD
As a black immigrant man who speaks English with an accent, Von Samedi, MD, PhD, has attracted all kinds of stereotypes throughout his career. He shares his insight in this interview into how healthcare needs to evolve for more equitable care.


Dana Powell Baker, MBA, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM
Dana Powell Baker, MBA, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM, strongly advocates for racially and gender diverse health systems. Read this interview to find out how she feels exploring beliefs can be more inclusive for patients.

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Vivian Pinn, MD
Dr. Vivian Pinn faced numerous challenges as a black woman entering pathology in the 1960s. Find out how she broke barriers in this Q&A.