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ASCP BOC Updates:

ASCP BOC Website Update

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) has revised the Certification Exam Process section of the website. Appropriate information previously on the COVID-19 document has been added to the website, and we have reorganized several areas to allow students to more quickly find the information most pertinent to them.

The BOC is constantly looking to improve our services and offerings, including the information available on our website. Take this three question survey to share any feedback you have.

eLinks Publication Changes

In the past few years, the ASCP BOC Program Director’s Facebook group has become a place for the BOC to share timely information, and for educators to seek assistance from each other. We love to see the conversations that emerge, and appreciate the collegiality that is so readily visible. Because this has become such a productive space, the need for the eLinks newsletter has changed. Beginning with this edition, highlights from the year will be featured in eLinks biannually.

Improved Online Application Timeline for Student Applicants from Accredited Programs*

Beginning in late February 2023, the ASCP BOC implemented operations enhancements on your behalf, assuring an even more effective timeline for applicants to schedule their ASCP BOC certification exam.

Background: Applicants from accredited laboratory professional programs (for all ASCP BOC certification exams) will automatically be moved to the Program Director’s EEV for program verification within 24 hours of a paid application being submitted. Previously, this timeline could have taken up to a few weeks.

What this means for you: Students of accredited programs will be able to schedule their certification exam as soon as their Program Director verifies the applicant’s successful program completion through the EEV.

This makes it even more imperative that the Program Director sign off on the EEV only when they are certain that the student will successfully complete all components of the program by the date indicated.

Please note: Applicants are still required to request official transcript(s) be sent from their educational institution(s) to the ASCP BOC. A student who completes your program and passes the certification examination will only become certified once an official transcript(s) verifying they have met the academic requirements has been received and processed by the ASCP BOC. (Please note: applicants for HT Route 1 do not need to submit transcripts.)

We hope that you celebrated Medical Laboratory Professionals
Week! April 23 - 29

ASCP Board of Certification – Laboratory Professionals Week - April 23-29

During Laboratory Professionals Week 2023 the ASCP BOC sponsored the following activities:

To honor the remarkable contributions ASCP BOC credential holders make for patient outcomes and to the health care field, the ASCP BOC launched a new video campaign site during Lab Week. As a laboratory professional, you can now share a one-minute video showcasing the personal and professional value of your ASCP BOC credentials. Submit your video today by going to (a Facebook account is needed in order to participate). The most exceptional ASCP, ASCPi, and qualification stories will be showcased on ASCP BOC's social media platforms.


ASCP BOC created the hashtag #WeAreASCPBOC for laboratory professionals to share photos and messages to recognize themselves, their colleagues, their program, their students, and the profession. Let’s continue to highlight the essential role of the lab team in health care and patient care beyond Lab Week!

In your posts, we encourage you to share your thoughts on the value of ASCP BOC credentials to the profession and to you personally. Don’t wait, share your photos and messages today. The most outstanding #WeAreASCPBOC posts will be featured on ASCP BOC’s social media channels. Let’s share our ASCP BOC credentials stories!

CelebrateLab Conference in Abuja, Nigeria, April 25-28
The ASCP BOC recently had the privilege of sponsoring the 9th CelebrateLAB conference in Abuja, Nigeria. CelebrateLAB is a premier medical laboratory conference that focuses on highlighting diagnostics and research in the West Africa region. The ASCP BOC had a booth at the event, where conference attendees were able to pick up information on how to earn an ASCP BOC credential and had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with our ASCP BOC Regional Volunteer to West Africa, Mr. Francis Bigojah, MLS(ASCPi)CM. For more information on CelebrateLAB go to:

Clinical Laboratory Educators’ Conference (CLEC) Update*

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) had a wonderful opportunity to meet with the program directors at Clinical Laboratory Educator’s Conference (CLEC) March 2-4 in New Orleans, Louisiana. On Friday, March 3rd, Susan Graham, MS, MLS(ASCP)SHCM, Chair of the ASCP BOC Board of Governors, and Amy Spiczka, MS, HTL(ASCP)CMSCT, MBCM,CPHQ, Executive Director of the ASCP BOC, participated in a Q&A session. In addition, the BOC update, presented by Susan Graham was and remains available virtually.

Angela Nunn, Manager, Certification Processing and longtime ASCP BOC volunteer, Kathleen Finnegan, MS, MASCP, MLS(ASCP)SHCM staffed the BOC booth. They enjoyed meeting and talking with program directors and educators. Thank you for visiting us at the BOC booth!

Joint Annual Meeting (JAM)*

JAM 2023 will be held June 26-30 in Providence, RI. The ASCP BOC will be exhibiting at this Joint Annual Meeting of ASCLS, AGT, and SAFMLS. Staff will be available to answer questions about certification, qualification, and CMP. We are excited to discuss the value of credentialing and meet aspiring, new, and experienced credential holders!

Update from the March 2023 BOC Board of Governors Meeting

The ASCP Board of Certification Board of Governors met March 3-4, 2023, in Fort McDowell, AZ. Several motions were passed that impact eligibility requirements, as summarized below. Notification of application fee increases have been available on the ASCP BOC website since early 2023, and all eligibility updates were made online late March.

Upcoming Fee Increases

  • Application Fees
    As of July 1, 2023, application fees for all ASCP and ASCPi certification exams will increase by $10, with the exception of scholarship pricing for resource limited countries.
  • Program Performance Report
    Beginning January 1, 2024, the Program Performance Report (PPR) subscription cost will increase from $150 per program to $175 per program. The 2024 PPR invoice, which will be sent out in October of 2023, will reflect this new price of $175.

Updates to Eligibility Requirements

  • ASCP Specialist Certifications
    • Acceptable education
      In the fall, a motion was passed to update all ASCP BOC eligibility requirements to allow education from either a regionally or a nationally accredited institution. This Spring, a motion was passed to also allow educators’ experience to be from a regionally or nationally accredited institution, for consistency. Prior to these changes, education and teaching experience was only accepted from regionally accredited institutions.
  • Qualification in Apheresis, QIA
    • For routes 5 and 6, clarification in academic requirements, as well as required documentation to verify this education, have been made. See for complete information.
  • Qualification in Laboratory Science, QLS
    • For Routes 1 and 2, which require valid certification, academic education has been added as an acceptable type of experience. See for complete information.

Revised Examination Content Guideline

The Examination Content Guideline for the Technologist in Molecular Biology (MB) exam administered beginning July 1, 2023, has been revised. The revised content guideline is currently available on the Get Credentialed page of the BOC website.

New Credential – Diplomate in Medical Laboratory Immunology, DMLI(ASCP)

The new PhD level Immunology exam is now available for application and testing; the exam was launched April 1, 2023. See for complete information.

Publications Available Online

Go to to find the most current publications.

  • 2023 U.S. Procedures for Examination and Certification (available soon)
  • 2023 International Procedures for Examination and Certification (available soon)
  • Annual Exam Statistics (2022 stats available now)

NEW in 2024: Increase in Dedicated CMP Points

CMP requirements will be revised to increase from 2 to 8 points in the area of certification for the following categories: BB, C, CG, CT, H, HT, HTL, M, and MB. This will be in effect for all certification categories noted above expiring in January 2024 and moving forward, regardless of when you submit your completed online declaration form. This does not increase the overall total CMP points required.

ASCP Scholarships up to $1,000 and Grants up to $10,000 are Available - Apply Today! (Applications due May 1, 2023)

For Laboratory Program Directors:
Laboratory Science Program Director Educational Grants up to $10,000 each - Helps laboratory science programs educate and empower future medical laboratory professionals. Click here for more information and to apply.

For Laboratory Students:
Laboratory Student Scholarships up to $1,000 each - Assists academically high-achieving laboratory students with expenses related to their medical education. Click here for more information and to apply.

Garza & Becan-McBride Endowed Scholarship:
Supports one outstanding phlebotomy student. Click here for more information and to apply.

Timeline for Processing of Transcripts

All electronic transcripts must be manually downloaded and connected to an application before processing and review can begin. ASCP BOC staff receive a high volume of transcripts daily, particularly during the months of March – August.

  • Once received by the ASCP BOC, electronic transcripts will be downloaded within 2 weeks.
  • From September – February, allow up to 6 weeks after a transcript has been downloaded for processing.
  • From March – August, allow up to 8 weeks after a transcript has been downloaded for processing.

Please remind your students not to submit duplicate documents before this time has elapsed. Once submitted, students’ documents are in queue for staff review and action.

The timelines above only apply to transcripts that are submitted correctly. For complete information, visit the ASCP BOC website and see “Submitting Transcripts” and “Was My Transcript Submitted Correctly?” Please note that ASCP Customer Relations will not be able to provide information regarding the status of submitted transcripts.

Important note for Histotechnology Program Directors: Students who complete a NAACLS accredited HT program, and apply for the HT(ASCP) examination under Route 1, do NOT need to submit a transcript to the ASCP BOC. Route 1 requires only completion of your program, which you verify through the EEV. If you have any questions, please email us at

Did you know your students can view the status of their application at any time?

Upon initial submission, an applicant receives a confirmation email and their application is put into “Received” status. At any time, an applicant can log in to their ASCP account and view the status of their application.

After all supporting documents have been reviewed, any deficiencies will be identified. Any time the status of an application is changed, the applicant receives notification to log in to their ASCP account for specific details and next steps.

Promoting Nomenclature

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) and the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) with the support of the ASCP BOC sponsoring and participating societies collaborated to write the position paper Standardizing the Professional Title of Medical Laboratory Scientists The paper serves to address the inconsistency of professional nomenclature and the impact this has had on the profession.

Following publication of the paper, the ASCP BOC Board of Governors created the Nomenclature Taskforce to make recommendations for gaining acceptance and adoption of a unified title of Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS). The Taskforce identified the complexities to be addressed and has published those recommendations in a new paper Promoting the Medical Laboratory Science Profession through Standardized Titles.

The ASCP BOC is moving to standardize nomenclature and all MT(ASCP) credentialed individuals may begin using the MLS(ASCP) credential immediately. However, primary source verification of ASCP certification will continue to show MT(ASCP) certification until the transition process is completed by the end of 2022.

The Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) will continue to be voluntary for those individuals whose credential will be transitioning from MT to MLS as they were originally ASCP certified prior to 2004 and the required CMP.

What’s in a Name?

Everything important to our profession -- professional identity, as well as recognition from the healthcare team, administration, government agencies, and the public. The lack of understanding affects recruitment and retention in the profession. It is time to move to one name -- Medical Laboratory Scientist.

Join us now and take the pledge at
I pledge to:

  • Refer to myself as a Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) instead of Medical Technologist (Med Tech, MT) or Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS)
  • Refer to myself and colleagues as MLS, not as technologist or tech
  • Work with my managers, administrators, Human Resources (as applicable) at my organization to revise job titles to MLS
  • Tell at least one student, community member or colleague about the role and value of MLS

Updates to Online Application Process for all ASCP BOC examinations

Beginning in mid-March, 2022, applicants who are required to upload completed training and experience documentation forms, as well as Letters of Authenticity, must submit them electronically within the application itself. These documents, if required, must be uploaded before the application can be submitted.

Applicants will continue to request that official transcript(s) be sent from their educational institution(s) to the ASCP BOC. Program Directors will continue to verify a student’s eligibility through the EEV; there are no changes to these processes.

Sharing of PPR Information

The ASCP BOC would like to remind program directors that the Program Performance Report (PPR) is a paid subscription service meant for use by Program Directors and Program Administrators only; specific data from the PPR is not to be shared with the public. The information contained in the PPR should be handled in a confidential manner which respects the rights of the individual whose scores are reported. Individual student data, subtest means, scaled score comparisons, and the histogram are not public information. This information should not be shared publicly, including for recruitment efforts or marketing purposes.

Any data that is shared with accrediting bodies or program administration must be anonymized and aggregated where possible. As an outcomes measure for accreditation purposes, program directors may publicly share overall program pass rates (i.e. Our graduates have a X year average pass rate of XX percent on national certification exams; the national average is XX percent).

MLS Educator Survey articles

Last year, the ASCP BOC Research and Development Committee launched 2 surveys of MLS education programs as a follow-up to the original surveys conducted in 2016. One survey was designed for participation by program directors of university/college and hospital MLS programs while another survey targeted faculty in university/college and hospital MLS programs. The purpose of the surveys was to gather information to support MLS program directors and faculty in educating students, especially to clarify current issues and reveal trends that may impact future program resources and the quality of MLS education. The next version of the MLS educator survey along with an MLT educator survey will be launched in the next few months. Click on the links below to read the full articles:

Program Directors -

Faculty -

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Ethics and the Appropriate Use of Social Media

ASCP BOC Examination Questions - Copyright and Ethics Violations

ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) examinations are protected by copyright law. When your students apply for certification, they agree to adhere to the following statement stating, in part:

“I understand that this examination and all test questions are the exclusive property of the Board of Certification and are protected by copyright law. Because of the confidential nature of these copyright materials, I agree not to retain, copy, disclose or reveal any part of these examination materials . . .”

The ASCP BOC monitors the web and social media sites regularly for individuals or groups who claim to have questions from ASCP BOC examinations. These are sometimes called recalls, remembrances or brain dumps. Individuals who contribute to these sites, or share examination items in any manner, are infringing on the ASCP BOC’s exclusive copyrights.

Be aware that students who reveal specific information from the examination, such as recalling examination questions and responses, to their peers and instructors are committing copyright infringement. If certificants are found to be in violation, their certification will be revoked; all individuals found to be in violation will be barred permanently from taking any ASCP BOC examination.

Ethics Reminders

An ethics reminder has been added to all exams republished in 2020 through 2022. Examinees must agree to a statement at the end of their examination that they will not share exam items and that they understand this is a violation of copyright. Also, beginning in January 2020, applicants receive an email the day after their exam reminding them that they have signed multiple pledges stating that they will not share exam material. In these reminders it is clearly laid out that if examinees share this type of information, and are caught doing so, they may have their certification revoked and be permanently barred from taking an ASCP BOC examination in the future.

Integrity Pledges

Please remind your students not to share information from the examination with anyone. Several program directors have instituted Integrity Pledges that students sign which explicitly state that sharing of exam content is an ethical violation. Please email us at if you would like examples of these pledges.

Posting of Wall Certificates on Social Media

Please inform your students not to post images of their wall certificates or ASCP BOC documentation on social media. While we appreciate their enthusiasm and pride in becoming certified, these images can be used by unscrupulous individuals to misrepresent themselves as being certified. To protect the integrity of ASCP BOC credentials and records, and for patient safety and welfare, it is important for individuals to protect their certificates from misuse. Please share the following with your students:

  • Do not share your wall certificate, score report, or ASCP Member ID card (if applicable) with anyone.
  • Do not post a copy or image of your wall certificate, score report, or ASCP Member ID card (if applicable) on the Internet or social media.

For complete information, please visit our website.

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Program Completion

Review the Updated Online Application

Before your students begin to apply, we encourage you to review the online application in order to better answer questions from your students. Updates were made to the application in March 2022; while the process for students who have completed a program remain the same, a few screens may look different. Log in to your ASCP account to apply without entering payment information. We encourage you to take screen shots to share with students and highlight any potential difficulties. Once saved, your application will remain in your account for six months. In addition, make sure to watch the video that guides applicants through the online application process at If you need assistance or have questions, email us at

Applying for an ASCP BOC Certification Exam – When and How Students Should Apply

Students should apply for an ASCP BOC certification exam no more than six weeks before program completion. If a student is uncertain about when they will be able to complete all components of the program, including clinical rotations, they should hold off on applying until they have a clearer timeframe.

Please make sure that your students know the correct date of their program completion; it is not necessarily the same as their graduation date. Students should enter their program completion date in the online application. Have students watch the application video, available here:

Applications are processed on a continual basis, as they are received. See above for the most up to date information regarding timelines.

Exam Eligibility Verification (EEV) Report*

Please remember to check your email for notifications of Examination Eligibility Verification (EEV) Reports to review. You may log in to your individual ASCP account from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

It is imperative that program directors do not sign off on a student's eligibility until they are certain the student will complete all components of the program, including clinical requirements and final exams, by the program end date indicated EEV.

If you have already signed off on a student’s eligibility and have since learned they will not complete their program by the date indicated, please immediately email Angela Nunn, Manager of Application Processing, at

Please note: If the program end date entered by the student is within a week after their actual program completion date, it does not need to be updated on the EEV. Updating a program end date can add up to a week to the processing time of the application, so please be sure your students are aware of their correct program end date.

Your students will not be able to schedule appointments to take the examination until you sign off on their eligibility through the EEV.

Scheduling Exams at a Pearson VUE Testing Location

The status of Pearson VUE test delivery may change during this time. The ASCP BOC is in constant communication with Pearson VUE regarding updates to the administration of examinations. Students should check the Pearson COVID-19 page for updates.

We understand that you would like your students to test as soon as possible after program completion. As soon as they receive their Admission Notification, your students should go online to schedule their exam through the Pearson VUE website.

All available testing dates and locations will be found through the Pearson Vue website. Candidates should schedule the first available exam appointment they can secure and continue to check back via their VUE web account regularly to see if there have been any cancellations. Testing appointments are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to review the latest health and safety requirements at Pearson VUE test centers before appearing for their scheduled exam as requirements may change quickly.

Use of Pass/Fail Grades*

We understand that some institutions are investigating the use of Pass/Fail grades during this time. Note that the ASCP BOC has always accepted the use of “Pass” on an official transcript in lieu of a passing grade, provided the quarter or semester hour credits assigned to the course are also indicated.

*United States only

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Applications and Documentation

Submitting Official Transcripts*

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) is requesting that all official transcripts be submitted electronically. Official transcripts for U.S. categories must be sent directly from a student’s academic institution to the ASCP BOC.

If submitting electronic transcripts, please make sure your students are aware of the security features your institution implements. Official transcripts must remain accessible for the processing of an application and maintained as part of an applicant’s permanent record. If access to an electronic transcript expires, in order to complete their application, your students may be required to purchase and submit another official transcript to the ASCP BOC.

If a student’s institution utilizes either Parchment or National Student Clearinghouse, students should choose “ASCP” as the receiving institution during the order process. If the electronic transcript will be sent directly from the registrar’s office, it should be sent to

For complete information on how to submit transcripts, go to the ASCP BOC website ; under “Submit Application” choose “Submitting Official Transcript(s).”

If your institution is unable to submit transcripts electronically, please mail them to the address below. Please note that there will be an additional delay of 2 weeks in the processing of all transcripts submitted through the mail.

Attention: Jackie Sanders
33 W. Monroe St, Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60603

Submitting Documentation*

Documentation forms submitted through the mail will not be accepted or processed. Beginning March of 2022, appropriate documentation forms, and letters of authenticity, must be uploaded as PDF files at the time of application. See the ASCP BOC website for further information.

Mailing Payment*

We understand that some programs pay the application fee for multiple students at one time. For complete information, see the Program Director’s section of the website. Payment information, invoices, and checks, should be mailed to:

ASCP Board of Certification
3462 Eagle Way
Chicago, IL 60678

Exam Results

Immediately after completing the certification examination, your students will see their preliminary results on the computer screen, indicated as “Pass” or “Fail.” Within four business days, students will receive an email notification to log in to see their score report if their transcript has been fully processed by the ASCP BOC.

Any student who takes the certification examination without submitting a final academic transcript at the time of application will not receive access to their score report. As program director, encourage these students to submit their final transcripts verifying completion of the academic requirements within one year of their examination date. As a courtesy, monthly email reminders will be sent to these students reminding them to submit their official transcript to the BOC office. If their transcript is not received within one year of their examination date, their examination score will be invalidated and they will not be certified. To become certified, they would need to submit a new application and fee, and sit for the examination.

Students who have failed the exam are given subtest scores in order to help them focus their studying. Subtest scores are not provided to students who passed the exam because it does not serve a useful purpose, and we ask that you do not share this level of information with them.

*United States only

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PPR Information

Program Performance Report (PPR)*

Emails with a link to access the 2023 Program Performance Report (PPR) invoices were sent to all program directors of NAACLS, CAAHEP, and ABHES accredited/approved programs, as well as BOC documented structured phlebotomy and MLA training programs, on October 21, 2022; a reminder email will be sent in December. The invoice amount is $150 per program and covers the period of January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2023. The invoice can also be accessed through your ASCP account under “Management Tools.” Payment instructions are included on the invoice.

Instructions for Electronic Payments
If your Accounts Payable Department will be submitting payment electronically, please work with your colleagues to ensure that the order number is included with the electronic payment. To ensure that your payment is applied to the correct order, email and provide the date the electronic payment was sent, the name that appears as the sender, tracking details, and any other identifying information. Not following these procedures may result in significant processing delays, during which time you will not have access to PPR data.

If you would like a receipt to confirm payment, please send your request to; a receipt will be emailed to you within 3-5 business days.

Please note that your PPR invoice must be paid to access data for previous years. If you believe your invoice has been paid, please log in to your account to ensure that you have access to PPR data and do not see a link to the 2023 invoice. If you see a link for an invoice, it is likely that payment has not been received and/or fully processed. For complete information, see pages 30-34 of the Program Director’s Guide.

If you have questions, please contact us at

Access to Program Performance Reports for Faculty*

If there is someone other than the program director who should also have access to the PPR information, please email with the name of the institution, school code, and name and email address of the individual(s) who should have PPR access. Please note that the Program Director will remain the only person able to access the Exam Eligibility Verification (EEV) to verify students’ completion of the program.

Do You Have Students Missing From Your PPR or EEV Reports?*

When your students complete the online application, please remind them to use the drop-down list of programs to select the program they completed. Some schools have programs in multiple cities or states. Please advise your students to make sure they choose the correct program in the correct location. Students should not enter the name of the program manually as the school name will not be recognized, and these students’ names will not appear on your PPR or EEV reports. If your program is not listed, please let us know immediately by contacting us at

*United States only

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Important Information for Students

Important Information for Students in California and New York

Please ensure that your students become certified and complete the examination for state licensure by applying for certificationPlease ensure that your students become certified and complete the examination for state licensure by applying for certification and licensure on the online application. If students apply for licensure only, they will be required to reapply for certification and take the certification examination. By applying for and taking the certification examination, their examination scores are acceptable for licensure in California and New York. All other state licensure requirements must be met to obtain state licensure. For additional information, see the CA and NY NAACLS student information form. For complete information, please visit our website: State Licensure.

Applicants Requesting Modifications Due to a Disability

If any of your students require a modification due to a disability, your students must notify our office in writing before they apply. Complete information is available on the BOC website.

Official Transcripts*

Students from NAACLS, CAAHEP, and ABHES accredited/approved programs are able to sit for their BOC exam one time prior to official transcripts being received and processed by the ASCP BOC.

If a degree is required to meet eligibility requirements, please remind your students to request an official college/university transcript be sent to the ASCP BOC. This official transcript is required before examination scores are made available. Please note that students are not certified until their transcript is received and processed by the ASCP BOC.

Official transcripts for U.S. categories must be sent directly from a student’s academic institution to the ASCP BOC.

*United States only

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Get Involved!

Program Directors Group on Facebook*

If you haven’t already, please join the ASCP BOC Program Director’s Group on Facebook. The group is for directors of NAACLS, CAAHEP, and ABHES accredited laboratory programs, as well as education and clinical coordinators and faculty, whose students seek ASCP BOC certification. Supported by volunteers with several years of program experience, the group aims to become the program director’s resource for information and support.

BOC Facebook Page

In addition to the Program Director’s Group, the ASCP BOC also has a Facebook page. You can follow the page to see the BOC Study Guide Question of the Week and to follow what is happening with the ASCP BOC.

Certification Exam Committees and Qualification Work Groups*

All ASCP BOC Examination Committees and Work Groups consist of laboratory professionals representing broad geographic regions of the United States and laboratory facilities of various types and sizes. They are responsible for the development, maintenance, and evaluation of exam items, as well as setting the standards for exams and performing job task analyses. To review the current Exam Committee and Work Group openings and submit an application, please visit the BOC Volunteer page.

*United States only

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Program Director Resources

BOC Resources Video

Check out a video that will help you find the online BOC resources designed just for you and guide you and your students through the certification process and beyond.

Annual Exam Statistics Available Online

2022 ASCP BOC examination statistics are available here: Annual Exam Statistics. See information about 2021 examinees, including NAACLS/CAAHEP/ABHES first-time pass rates, as well as the total number of certificants in all categories. Information is available for US and International certifications as well as qualifications.

Changes in Program Director or Program Information

Please be sure to notify the ASCP BOC office at if there has been, or will soon be, a change in program director. Please also let us know if any of your program information changes such as email address, program status, name of institution, or mailing address.

For program directors from international countries, and for questions regarding ASCPi certification, please email Angela Sreckovic at

Program Director’s Guide to Certification*

The updated Program Director’s Guide to Certification contains information about ASCP BOC exams, a useful Application Timeline, detailed information about how to best help your students before and after the examination, and complete information about the EEV and PPR. Find it here.

Certification Examinations

Brief explanations on a variety of topics related to the ASCP BOC certification examinations are available here.

How to Locate Your Certification Number

If you need to locate your certification number, you may access it by logging in to your ASCP account and clicking on "Home Page" under "My BOC Activities." Then click on the "View Certifications" link.

If you require primary source verification of your certification, you can place an order through our website at Verification of Certification. There is a $16 charge for this service.

Structured Training Programs in Blood Banking, Chemistry, Hematology, and Microbiology

Do you have a NAACLS accredited Medical Laboratory Science training program? If so, have you ever considered offering a separate structured program in a single categorical area for students who may not have the time or money to complete a full MLS program? Individuals who complete structured training programs in a single area under the auspices of a NAACLS accredited MLS program, with the requisite academic education, qualify for a technologist examination in blood banking, chemistry, hematology, or microbiology under Route 3. See detailed information on the structured program requirements.

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ASCP Board of Certification Contacts

Please contact the following individuals if you have questions or concerns regarding:

Share eLinks

Feel free to forward eLinks to Education Coordinators or other program officials who might benefit from the information included in this Newsletter.

Having Difficulty Receiving Emails?

Please add to your "safe" email list. This will ensure that emails regarding Program Performance Reports (PPRs), Examination Eligibility Verification (EEV) reports, and this newsletter will be delivered directly to you, and not to spam or junk mail.

Also, make sure that you have opted in to receiving BOC emails. Log in to your ASCP account and choose "Profile and Settings." From there, choose "Communications" to review your preferences. Please make sure that "Board of Certification" is not checked.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments on the information contained in this issue, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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