Start Your Application

All new applicants are required to create an ASCP account before applying online. When creating your ASCP account, your first and last name must match an acceptable form of identification. Please follow the instructions below to ensure a simple application process.


Apply for an Exam

All applications are completed online.

  • All documentation forms and letters of authenticity must be uploaded as PDF documents as part of the online application process.
  • An application is not complete until payment has been processed.

Log in to your Account

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your ASCP Customer ID (8 digit number) & password
  3. For login assistance, contact ASCP Customer Relations at 800.267.2727

Check the Status of Your Application

  1. Login to your ASCP Account.
  2. Under BOC Activities, click on Completed BOC Exam Applications.
  3. Click on Show Details for current status.


  • Notifications to log in to see status updates are sent via email.
  • Keep your contact and email information current.

Update Your Contact Information

  1. Login to your ASCP Account.
  2. Click on Profile & Settings.
  3. Confirm information is correct and up-to-date.
  4. Make any necessary changes and save.

Application Process

  1. Determine your examination category and eligibility route
  2. Login or create an ASCP account
    • Do not create a duplicate account.
    • The name in your ASCP account must match (first and last) a valid form of ID.
  3. Click on “Apply Now” to access the online application
  4. Select category and route of application
  5. Verify your contact information
  6. Complete the online application
    • Upload appropriate training and/or experience documentation.
    • All files must be uploaded as PDF files within the online application.
    • Incomplete applications can be saved and completed later.
  7. Submit the application fee
    • Applications need to be submitted online, and payment received, within 90 days from the date started.
    • Applications are not complete until payment has been received and processed.
    • Application fees cover the administrative costs of processing applications, including the review of all documentation; application fees are not refundable.
  8. Request official transcript(s) be sent from your academic institution to the ASCP BOC
  9. Monitor application status
    • Login at any time to View the Status of your application.
    • An email notification will be sent when there is a change in the status of your application.
    • Keep your email address current with the ASCP BOC.
  10. Resolve any deficiencies with your application
    • Incomplete or missing information will delay processing.
  11. Schedule your exam date
  12. Prepare for exam day
  13. Sit for the exam
  14. Receive official exam results

For complete information, go to Get Credentialed.