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Compliance Management 2018

Lab Management University (LMU) FOCUS courses help improve competency in laboratory management through an engaging curriculum and a faculty comprised of the "Who’s Who" among medical leaders.


With LMU FOCUS, you pick a complete, distinct module from any of four LMU Fundamentals competency areas that contains all the courses, ranging from essential knowledge to more specialized and advanced topics, in a specific discipline, and learn the practical, day-to-day skills in a specific competency area needed to help make your career and your lab a success. If you’re looking to advance your skills in a particular area, this is the option for you.


The Compliance Management 2018 Module is intended to enable you to:


  • Prepare and assemble the basic elements of a model compliance plan
  • Learn the main OSHA regulations that direct a laboratory safety program
  • Understand how a Quality Management system contributes to patient safety


1.5 CME/CMLE Credits per course (Total credits available in this module: 6.0)




LMU FOCUS - Compliance Management 2018 contains the following courses:

  • Laboratory Inspections: How To Ensure Your Lab Will Meet The Regulatory Guidelines
  • Fundamentals of a Laboratory Safety Program
  • Safety Culture, Teamwork, Effective Communication and More: Utilization of High Reliability Practices in Pathology
  • Patient Safety

All purchasers of LMU FOCUS have the option to receive a full credit toward the purchase of LMU Fundamentals should you decide to upgrade. You can exercise this option at any time within one year of purchase.

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Item Details:

Laboratory Inspections: How To Ensure Your Lab Will Meet The Regulatory Guidelines – 1.5 Credits

  • Further understanding and knowledge of the different regulatory agencies and how to comply with the various standards.
  • Develop easy solutions to meeting the needs for a higher level of regulatory...
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