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CheckPath Hematopathology 2015

A combination glass-slide/virtual-slide/digital image-based assessment program that presents a spectrum of diagnostic entities in hematopathology.

2015 CheckPath
To order or renew, download a PDF order form and reply by fax, phone or mail.

Program Features

  • 5 cases with clinical histories sent each quarter for a total of 20 cases per year
  • Participants receive peer-reviewed interpretations for each case and demographically-based laboratory and individual participant reports with peer to peer comparisons
  • Up to 20 CME (or SAMs CME) credits
  • Meets CAP laboratory accreditation requirements
  • Pathology residents can participate for free
  • Participate online and receive immediate feedback

Virtual Format Option for 2015

Order the full version of CheckPath 2015 and receive your product in BOTH of the following formats, with the option to consume cases and submit answers either way:

  • 4 shipments of high-quality glass slide cases with printed, faxable answer sheets
  • Online access to the same cases in virtual format, with featuring high-resolution virtual slides and the option to submit answers all online

OR, choose the virtual-only option for any program and save $100! 

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CheckPath Hematopathology 2015
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