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Comprehensive Review of Lesions of Soft Tissue and Bone_2017
San Francisco Marriott Fisherman's Wharf
1250 Columbus Ave San Francisco, CA 94133-1327 
June 15-17, 2017
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General Information:


Lesions of soft tissue and bone are often considered difficult by pathologists because of their relative rarity and extensive diversity of subtypes.  Mesenchymal lesions are also associated with a range of different prognoses and patient treatment options ranging from a “do nothing” approach to major surgery and adjuvant chemo or radiation therapies.  With sarcoma the stakes are high and the biopsy is often small. The mission of this course is to provide pathologists with a framework with which to approach the diagnoses of these challenging tumors.In this course the faculty will provide a comprehensive review of mesenchymal tumors of soft tissue and bone.  In addition to morphologic features, the faculty will discuss how to incorporate immediately available resources (clinical information and imaging features) as well as ancillary tests (immunohistochemical, cytogenetic and molecular tests) into a paradigm to facilitate an accurate and precise diagnosis.

The faculty will include in their presentations updates on some of the most recent insights into the pathogenesis of sarcoma, and how these have been rapidly translated into useful adjuncts to diagnosis. In addition, there will be ample opportunity for participant engagement using a combination of traditional didactic format with audience participatory features.  The course will also cover how to best utilize available existing ancillary techniques most cost-effectively and how to minimize unnecessary testing. The course director and faculty will also provide the audience with resources for accessing more recent, less widely adopted ancillary tests and technologies that are emerging as useful adjuncts to contemporary practice.

Credits 21.25 CME Credits, 8 SAM CME Credit


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Following this course, you will be able to:

    • Describe the key diagnostic features of specific soft tissue and bone lesions and differentiate morphologically similar neoplasms.
    • Identify and apply appropriate molecular, cytogenetic and immunohistochemical techniques to support accurate diagnoses.
    • Incorporate important clinical and imaging information to ensure a correct and precise diagnosis.
    • Communicate key diagnostic information clearly and precisely in tumor boards, pathologic evaluations and reports.
    • Discuss the clinical implications of specific diagnoses.
    • Identify resources and potential practice changes to improve efficiency and effectiveness of sarcoma diagnoses.

Core competencies:  PC, MK, PBL, SBP, PR


Feature:   Special video microscopy sessions


Intended Audience: Practicing pathologist, Pathologists, Pathology Residents, and Cytotechnologits

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Faculty List


Leslie G. Dodd, MD

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC


Andrew Folpe, MD

Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN


Elizabeth Montgomery, MD

The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD


John Reith, MD

University of Florida, Gainsville, FL


Robert J....

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