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ASCP Patient Champions hosts and participates in events to provide educational and networking opportunities for both patients and health care professionals. Events include symposia, conferences, exhibits, and webinars. We are also proud to share important events from our partner organizations.



Transforming the Experience of Care from a Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Platform
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29TH, 2021 @ 12:30 – 1:30PM CST

This course is intended to focus on strategies for keeping patients and their experience at the center of your clinical practice. Faculty will review tactical solutions with the potential to add unique value to your practice. Attendees will learn about working directly with patients and families and how to build a patient and family center care program in their institutional departments and discover their voices through learning communication fundamentals that improve direct patient interactions. Additionally, attendees will learn about pathology explanation clinics, what is known, and what remains to be learned. The course is being presented by Dr. Jeff Myers, Dr. Lotte Mulder, and Dr. Anne Buckley at the ASCP 2021 Live In Boston + Virtual Meeting. To learn more and register for the meeting, click here







Wednesday, June 23rd @ 6 – 7pm CST

What is a laboratory report? How does it differ from a pathology report? Why is understanding these reports important as a cancer survivor? Pathologist and past President of ASCP, Lee Hilborne, MD, MPH, FASCP, DLM(ASCP)CM shared information and what to look out for and ask when you receive your report. Additionally, two cancer survivors, Deedee O’Brien and Carly Flumer, share their advocacy experience as ASCP Patient Champions. To watch the recording of this program, click here.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 1ST st @ 11:30pm – 11:45 CST

The Southeast Asia Breast Cancer Symposium (SEABCS) is a forum where global and regional medical professionals on breast cancer will attend and discuss advanced methods in diagnosis, surgery, and treatments for breast cancer to improve breast cancer early detection in Southeast Asian countries. In addition, nonprofit institutions, communities, and volunteers that have interests in breast cancer control are incorporated in the forum. ASCP Patient Champions virtually presented a session titled, The Value of Pathology Reports for Cancer Patients where ASCP Director of Leadership and Empowerment, Lotte Mulder, PhD, discussed how to create an enabling environment for timely detection and treatment of breast cancer. Visit https://seabcs2021.com/en/ for more information.





World Ovarian Cancer Day 2021

In honor of World Ovarian Cancer Day, ASCP Chief Medical Officer, Dan Milner, MD, FASCP, created a video to be shown at the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) Wellness Retreat to show to role of pathology in diagnosing ovarian cancer to educate patients about what goes on behind the scenes in the laboratory.


In honor of World Ovarian Cancer Day, ASCP Chief Medical Officer, Dan Milner, MD, FASCP, created a video to be shown at the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) Wellness Retreat to show to role of pathology in diagnosing ovarian cancer to educate patients about what goes on behind the scenes in the laboratory.



Patient Champions and National Kidney Foundation of Arizona Educational Event

September 9th – 11th, 2020

Receiving a diagnosis can be devastating, especially if it involves intensive or life-long treatment. Learning more about your diagnosis and treatment plan can, therefore, be very helpful and empowering. The 2020 Patient Symposium focused on creating patient-laboratory dialogues focused on helping patients understand the specifics of their individual diagnosis, treatment, and management plans. Health providers, pathologists, laboratory professionals, and patients will share knowledge of resources available to patients, caregivers, and advocates to make it easier for them to understand and track their health. Sessions part of this event are listed below:

Session 1: The Lab Saved My Life with Champion and End Stage Renal Disease Survivor Anthony Reed General Opening Session

ASCP Patient Champion, Anthony Reed, shares his story as a patient who was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and received a kidney transplant. He shares insights for both the medical team and patients in how to best communicate with each other while managing a disease or condition.





General Opening Session: COVID Patient Panel

Actress, Rita Wilson and CNN Anchor, Chris Cuomo who are both survivors of COVID-19, will kick off ASCP 2020 Virtual with a live discussion. Attendees can submit questions for Ms. Wilson and Mr. Cuomo in advance to be fielded during the session.

Session 2: The Impact of Seeing My Pathology Slide with Champion and Breast Cancer Survivor Michele Mitchell

ASCP Patient Champion, Michele Mitchell, is a Co-chair of the Department of Pathology Cancer Center Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) at the University of Michigan as well as an Officer of Kachin Strong Foundation. Michele was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and speaks about how understanding the role of pathology, as well as lab results, can have an empowering impact for a patient while managing their diagnosis. Michele was also the recipient of the 2020 ASCP Patient Champion Award.





Session 3: COVID and Patient Education with Lynnette Chakkaphak

Lynnette is a Laboratory Director in Jacksonville, Florida and has experienced what it is like being a caregiver to her husband who was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier this year. She will share her experience with COVID from a patient and laboratory perspective and speak about the importance of patients understanding lab results when a partner has a significant diagnosis or is recovering.

Session 4: Building a Dialogue between Patients and the Laboratory with Jeff Myers, MD and Constantine Kanakis, MD

This course focused on further developing participants’ abilities to directly and effectively engage with patients and their families. Session faculty consisted of a facilitator and communications specialist, a senior experienced pathologist, and a pathologist trainee with experience as a laboratory professional and broad interests in education, public health, and the advancement of pathology and laboratory medicine.