Save The Date—Attend the ASCP 2019 Annual Meeting!

Come to the beautiful southwest desert of Phoenix, Arizona and gain valuable skills and knowledge you can apply in your lab today while also fulfilling your MOC and CMP requirements. Hear from knowledgeable, world-class faculty and respected, premier leaders. Gather with and learn from the foremost experts in the field, while also forming valuable relationships that will last throughout your career and lifetime. The ASCP 2019 Annual Meeting—we invite you to an oasis of knowledge!

Skill – Innovation – Discovery

At the ASCP 2019 Annual Meeting, you will build advanced skills and discover the latest innovations directly applicable to your practice. Choose from over 250 hours of practical scientific education presented by some of the most respected leaders in the field today.

The healthcare environment is rapidly changing, with new technologies and practices revolutionizing the diagnostic medicine profession. Prepare for the challenges ahead as globally-recognized change agents and respected experts share their knowledge and skills about the critical issues and emerging trends affecting our profession.

Registration opens soon!

Specialized, Customizable Education


Focus in on your subspecialty area, learn practical skills and gain knowledge through a combination of lecture-based and interactive sessions led by the top leaders in the field. Meet and network with expert faculty and foremost peers

Medical Laboratory Professionals

Gain skills immediately applicable to your work in key areas, such as laboratory management and practice, while networking with expert faculty, foremost peers and key global leaders. Get up-to-date on cutting edge laboratory knowledge.


Prepare for your career with focused education and board preparation to expand your knowledge and skills. Gain insights on the field through meeting, conferring and networking with expert faculty and leaders in the field.