Level One Priorities


Level One Priorities

Within each of the advocacy areas, ordering sequence does not denote importance. As issues evolve, their respective priority levels may change.

Patient Safety and Laboratory Quality

  • Laboratory developed tests
  • Direct access to testing
  • Patient safety within the laboratory and the healthcare environment
  • Medical error identification and reduction

The Future of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

  • Personalized medicine
  • Paradigm of practice

Laboratory Workforce

  • Funding for laboratory professional training and students
  • Educational opportunities to improve the supply of qualified laboratory professionals
  • Adequate funding for graduate medical education in pathology
  • Recognition of pathologists and laboratory professionals as an integral part of the healthcare team
  • Performance evaluation: pay for performance

Personnel Standards and Licensure

  • Formal personnel training and certification requirements
  • Principles for the licensure and national certification of laboratory professionals
  • Scope of practice of pathologists and laboratory professionals


  • Reasonable and adequate coding reimbursement
  • Opposition to methods of payment for clinical laboratory services which implement co-payments or competitive bidding
  • Accurate and appropriate coding for clinical laboratory professionals
  • Opposition to illegal and unethical practices with regard to laboratory billing (e.g. fee splitting)
  • Monitoring of proposals to bundle Medicare services

Health Information Technology

  • Pathology and laboratory medicine informatics
  • Electronic medical records (EMRs)
  • Health data repository

Health Care Systems

  • Health Care Reform

Global Health

  • Support for global health initiatives to promote quality laboratory practice