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ASCP Pathology Ambassadors is a volunteer network of pathologist and resident members that promote the field of Pathology to medical students who lack exposure at their institutions.

What is Pathology Ambassadors?


ASCP Pathology Ambassadors operates as a network of pathologist and resident members promoting pathology to medical students at their institutions, or traveling to medical schools where there is a lack of pathology residency programs. Pathology Ambassadors help create new Pathology Interest Groups at institutions where there are none, and help guide existing Interest Groups with suggested activities.

How It Works

Each month, ASCP will randomly select one Pathology Ambassador who has completed an activity report and posted in the Facebook group to receive a small gift card as a thank you for their efforts. 

Additionally, ASCP will award Pathology Ambassadors with a $50 stipend to complete a presentation at an institution where there is no pathology residency program. Ambassadors must be able to show that they have traveled 50 plus miles round trip, as well as proof of the presentation through posting on social media and completing an activity report.


Get Involved

The Pathology Ambassadors program gives you the opportunity to educate students on the importance of pathology in patient care. ASCP encourages you to share your own personal story of what made you interested in the field of pathology along with successes you’ve had.


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ASCP provides you with the support necessary to reach out to learning institutions by providing you with presentation tools, stipends, and connects you to a network of current Pathology Ambassadors.

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Questions? Email us or take a look at the FAQ Sheet or the Stipend Policy.


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