International Certification and Qualification


ASCPi Certification & Qualification: Our Global Response to a Changing World

International Credentials through ASCPi help you stay focused on work and education priorities no matter where you’re located.

ASCP offers its gold standard credentials in the form of international certification to eligible individuals worldwide. The ASCPi credential certifies professional competency among new and practicing laboratory personnel in an effort to contribute globally to the highest standards of patient safety. Graduates of medical laboratory science programs outside the United States are challenged with content that mirrors the standards of excellence established by ASCP exams. The ASCPi credential carries the weight of eighty years of expertise in clinical laboratory professional certification.

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International Certification

International Certification by the ASCP Board of Certification

You’re serious about your career. That’s why international certification by the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) is important to you. It serves as a symbol of your commitment to the highest standards of your profession and to quality patient care.

Since 1928, ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) (formerly the ASCP Board of Registry) has been widely recognized as the preeminent leader in the certification of medical laboratory professionals. Today, BOC offers a formal certification process that requires education, clinical training and/or experience, and successful completion of the certification examination for Technicians, Technologists/Scientists, and Specialists.

The International BOC Certification Process

Congratulations on your decision to apply for international certification by the ASCP Board of Certification! Please read and follow the instructions in each tabbed section to properly complete the entire certification process.

International Procedures Booklet

The International Procedures for Examination & Certification Booklet contains complete information on eligibility requirements, application guidelines, and examination procedures.

Gather your education and experience documentation.

You’ll need to provide documentation of your education and training and specified work experience requirements that you've fulfilled in your area of specialization. Before you apply for the examination, you must assemble all documentation necessary to establish your eligibility. Documentation needed to:

Apply for the examination.

Please review the booklet International Procedures for Examination & Certification for details about exam eligibility requirements and the process for examination. Complete and submit the application form with the non-refundable application fee, along with all the documentation you gathered in the Documentation step. Apply Online and pay by credit card, or pay by mail with a check or money order.

For Multiple Application Fees:
If multiple applications are being sent with one check, DO NOT use the above address. Contact for mailing instructions.

International Pricing Policy:

Applicants who both (a) obtained medical laboratory education in, AND (b) currently reside in select nations will receive discounted pricing of $95 for all international certification examination categories: International Pricing Policy.

Online Application Assistance Spanish: Procedimiento básico para llenar la aplicación en línea en inglés por Internet

Chinese Application Process: 国际认证的过程

When the status of your examination application changes (i.e., is determined deficient, ineligible, eligible, etc.) you will receive a notification sent to the email you provided on your application informing you to login to your ASCP account for specific information /details regarding the status of your application. All notifications regarding the status of your application (from submission to examination results) are accessed by logging into your ASCP account.

To access your ASCP account:

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your ASCP Customer User ID (8 digit number) & Password (for login assistance contact ASCP Customer Service 800.267.2727)
  3. Scroll down to the “BOC Activities” box
  4. Under “BOC Activities” click on the “Completed BOC exam Applications” link
  5. When the new page opens, click on the “Show Details” button to view the current status of your application

All notifications from the ASCP Board of Certification informing an applicant to login to their account to view important information regarding the status of their application are sent via email. It is your responsibility to keep your email address current. Update the email address in your record by logging on to the ASCP website and clicking on “Profiles & Setting”. Failure to keep the ASCP Board of Certification informed of your current email address will result in the non-receipt of important information and notifications regarding your application, scheduling the examination and receipt of scores.

Note: Add to your safe senders/contacts list to ensure prompt delivery of your e-mail.

Schedule your examination.

Once your application and eligibility documentation has been approved by BOC, you’ll receive an admission e-mail with instructions for making an appointment. Then, it’s time to schedule your examination at a Pearson Professional Center. Visit the Pearson website for ASCP examinations to identify a location that’s convenient for you.

Study for Exam.

To help you prepare for the certification examination, the following study materials are available. Please click on the appropriate links below for further information on these study materials.

Prepare for your examination day.

Review Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) method that is used by BOC. To find out what to bring to examination center, please review What to Bring to the Examination Center.

Email Notification to View your Examination Score:

A notification to view your examination score by logging into your ASCP account will be emailed to you four (4) business days after you have taken the examination. Review Examination Results Procedures.

Watch for your certificate:

You'll receive your certificate approximately six to eight weeks after your examination date. Anyone certified prior to 2012 will maintain their certification credentials for life. Beginning January 1, 2012, however, international certification must be maintained by completing the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP). Review Certification Benefits & Expiration.

Change of Name and/or Email/Mailing Address

Email Address Change:
All notifications from the ASCP Board of Certification are delivered via email. It is your responsibility to keep your email address current. To update your email address, go to your ASCP Login and click on "Profiles and Settings." Failure to keep the Board of Certification informed of your current email address will result in non-receipt of important information.

Mailing Address Change:
It is your responsibility to keep your mailing address current. To update your mailing address go to your ASCP Login and click on “Profiles and Settings.” A valid mailing address must be provided prior to sitting for the examination in order to receive your wall certificate at the correct address. If your current address is not valid at the time of examination, it will be your responsibility to order and pay for a replacement certificate if necessary.

Name Change:
Name changes must be accompanied by a photocopy of official documentation (i.e., marriage license or court order).

  • Online:
    To submit a documented name change request online, click on Name Change. You will be prompted to login. The name change screen allows you to upload your documents if you have them in electronic format and send them via email.
  • By Mail:
    OR you can print a cover letter and mail your name change document(s) to:
    ASCP Board of Certification
    33 W. Monroe St., Suite 1600
    Chicago, IL 60603-5617
    Attn: Name Change

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing documented name changes. You will be notified when your name change has been processed.

Name and/or address changes may not be made at the test center. Name changes or name corrections received in the ASCP Board of Certification office after the day you take the examination will not be reflected on your certificate. A fee will be charged if you request a new certificate.

Certification, if granted, may be revoked at any time and the applicant may be barred from admission to take future certification examinations if it is established that the information contained in, or supplied in support of, an application for examination is inaccurate in any material respect, if the applicant engages in any inappropriate conduct during the examination (such as giving or obtaining unauthorized information or aid) or if the applicant misrepresents or misuses the applicant’s certification status at any time.