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Whether you are a medical laboratory scientist, medical laboratory technician, or other type of lab professional, the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) is here to help you maintain your certification and excel in your career!

As the oldest and largest certification agency for laboratory professionals, the BOC has certified more than 490,000 individuals since it was established and has become the gold standard for certification of clinical laboratory personnel. ASCP's 2013 Wage Survey of U.S. Clinical Laboratories found that certified laboratory professionals earn more than their non-certified counterparts.  

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Document and Verify your work experience (if required)

Full and Part-Time Work Experience Defined

Full-time experience is defined as a minimum of thirty-five (35) hours per week. Individuals who have part-time experience may be permitted to utilize prorated part-time experience to meet the work experience requirements.

For example, if you are employed 20 hours per week for one year, your experience would be computed as 20 divided by 35 multiplied by 52 weeks, or the equivalent of 29.7 weeks of full time employment.

Please contact the ASCP Board of Certification office prior to applying, if you have any questions concerning part-time experience.

The number of years of experience required must be completed within the time frame, specified in the requirements, calculated from the date of application (e.g. application submitted 3/1/07; experience acceptable from 3/97 for a ten-year time frame).

To document your clinical laboratory work experience:

Step 1: Please download the appropriate documentation form. These forms refer to the particular eligibility requirement for your certification category. If your eligibility route is not listed below, an experience documentation form is not required.

Step 2: Experience documentation forms must be completed by your immediate supervisor or laboratory director and attached to a letter of authenticity signed by this individual verifying the authenticity of the form. This letter must be printed on original letterhead and state that the experience documentation form was completed by the employer, with the date and signature. NOTE: Documentation forms and letters of authenticity must be completed and signed by your employer at each place of employment required to establish the required clinical laboratory experience within the time limits of the specific route of eligibility. Experience documentation forms will be audited to verify authenticity.


Foreign Medical Laboratory Scientist Clinical Training Programs

Foreign medical laboratory scientist clinical training programs are recognized as equivalent to one year of full time clinical laboratory experience obtained in the United States and may be applied toward one of the five (5) years required for eligibility for the MLS examination or three (3) years required for the MLT examination (provided the training was completed within the last ten years).

The other four years of acceptable clinical laboratory experience for the MLS examination or the other two years of acceptable clinical laboratory experience for the MLT examination must be completed in the United States, Canada or an accredited laboratory*. For all other examination categories, experience must be completed in the United States, Canada or in an accredited laboratory*.

If required for the route under which you are applying, clinical laboratory experience must be completed and documented before you will be determined eligible for examination. Only experience obtained in an accredited laboratory in the United States, in an accredited laboratory in Canada, or in an accredited laboratory* outside of the US or Canada will be acceptable.

*CMS CLIA certificate of registration, compliance, accreditation; AND/OR
CAP, AABB, Joint Commission accreditation; OR
JCI accreditation; OR
Accreditation under ISO 15189