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Credential Maintenance Program (CMP)

The BOC Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) promotes the continued competence of medical laboratory personnel.

In keeping with our ongoing commitment to assure the continued competence of medical laboratory personnel, the ASCP Board of Certification developed the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP). The CMP provides an opportunity to obtain a wide variety of learning experiences that demonstrate your professional competency and dedication to excellence in the work place. In addition to helping you maintain your professional certification, the CMP can help you stay current on developments in your field and provide opportunities for both professional and personal enrichment.

You’re serious about your career and your profession. That’s why you want to make sure you can document your competence by participating in the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) Credential Maintenance Program (CMP). When you add the initials (ASCP)CM or (ASCPi)CM after your name, your colleagues will know that you are committed to the highest standards of your profession. Please follow the instructions in each tabbed section to complete the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP).

The U.S. CMP is required for all individuals who are newly certified beginning January 1, 2004 as indicated here:

  • U.S. CMP

The International CMP is required for all individuals who are newly certified beginning January 1, 2012 as indicated here:

  • International CMP

Expired time-limited certifications may be reinstated as indicated here:

  • Expired Certification

For Steps on how to Synchronize Maintenance of Multiple Certifications, click here.

Please click here for frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP).

For details and instructions for completing the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) please review the following:

Complete the continuing competence activities that are required for your certification category and accumulate and save documentation for these activities during the three-year period following certification/recertification. This documentation will only be required if your Declaration Form is selected for audit.

You may receive up to 2 points per year (max of 2 years and 4 points per recertification cycle) by submitting an Employer Assessment Form (PDF).

You may receive up to 1 point per year (max 3 points per recertification cycle) by submitting a Clinical Teaching Documentation Form (PDF).

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The ASCP Board of Certification is making the recertification process faster and more efficient by eliminating the paper declaration form effective December 1, 2015. All certificants will then be required to submit an online declaration form along with the applicable fee(s) payable by credit/debit card.

Online Declaration Form Process:

Within your current three-year cycle you may enter your non-ASCP credits* in your ASCP transcript. Any continuing education courses completed through the ASCP will automatically be recorded in your ASCP transcript. Non-ASCP courses should be properly categorized (i.e., specialty area, title, date, credits awarded). A month prior to your certification expiration date, login to the ASCP website to submit your online CMP declaration form. All courses that have been previously added to your ASCP transcript (provided they are in your three year cycle) will automatically populate into your CMP declaration form. You may add more credits as necessary or re-allocate any credits to meet your recertification requirements. Only after your recertification requirements have been met will you be able to submit your online CMP declaration form and fee(s)**.

Please retain supporting documentation for any non ASCP continuing competence activities completed. This documentation will only be required if your declaration form is selected for audit.

*Contact ASCLS to see if you are eligible to have your ASCLS P.A.C.E.® credits automatically uploaded to your ASCP transcript.

Click here to use the online declaration process.

Please allow 30 business days for the processing of your online declaration form.

Current CMP Application Fees:**

  • Application Fee: $95
  • Reinstatement Fee: $125
       (Reinstatement fee is required if your certification is expired. This fee is in addition to the application fee.)
  • Additional application Fee: $15
       (Applies to additional certifications(s) with the same expiration date or within three months of each other.)

Paper Declaration:

Expired NCA Certificants: A paper declaration form is required to reinstate an expired NCA certification. Please contact to receive a PDF copy.

Please allow 30 business days for the processing of your paper declaration form.

Expired Certification:

If your certification has expired, you will be required to submit the current CMP application fee and reinstatement fee** with your completed online declaration form.

The ASCP Board of Certification will not grant extensions or waive the reinstatement fee due to the non-receipt of CMP reminder notifications. It is the certificant’s responsibility to keep email and address information up to date in their database record. Login to your Customer account to update your contact information.

**Application fees are non-refundable.

International CMP Pricing Policy:

CMP applicants who both (a) obtained medical laboratory education in, AND (b) currently reside in select nations will receive discounted pricing on their CMP application and (if applicable) reinstatement fees for all recertification of all ASCP international certification categories: International CMP Pricing Policy.

If you receive notification that your Declaration Form is deficient (missing required points, fee(s), etc.) please submit required information. Recertification will not be processed until all requirements have been met.

If you receive notification that your Declaration Form is being audited, submit copies of your certificates of completion and any other documentation at that time. Audit documentation should be mailed to ASCP Board of Certification, 33 West Monroe St., Suite 1600, Chicago, IL 60603-5617.

To appeal an unsuccessful audit, view the CMP appeals process (PDF).

    Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a new wall certificate valid for three years. The designation “CM”, as a superscript, is required after your certification initials to indicate that you have successfully maintained your certification [e.g., MLS(ASCP)CM or MT(ASCPi)CM ].

    For an explanation of Valid ASCP Certification, please click here

      Quick Guide to Recertification and the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP)

      1. Review your recertification requirements.
        Please refer to the US CMP Booklet or International CMP Booklet or go to to make sure you know the continuing education (CE) credit requirements for renewing your certification category and suggested CE activities.
      2. Complete your application (declaration form) to recertify.
        Complete the online declaration process, by listing all the CE credits you completed to meet your recertification requirements. We recommend completion and submission of your declaration form one (1) month prior to your certification expiration date. Include specific topic, title, dates of completion and number of credits earned for each CE activity. Incomplete forms are considered deficient and will prevent recertification until resolved.
      3. Pay your fee.
        The current CMP application fee is $95. If your certification has expired there is an additional $125 reinstatement fee. If you have multiple certifications that expire within 3 months of each other, or you would like to synchronize* your certification end dates, you would pay the current CMP application fee for the first certification and $15 for each additional certification.

      Remember: Certification and CMP are not based upon registration or membership with any organization.

      *Please see online instructions on how to synchronize multiple certifications.

      CMP FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions


      Where can I find out what I need to recertify?


      Details and instructions for completing the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) can be found at this link: Review all tabs provided on this web page: Introduction / CMP Booklet / Complete CEs / Submit Declaration / Deficiency / Audit Process / Recertification Designation / CMP Quick Guide


      When should I submit my declaration form for recertification?


      It is recommended that you submit your completed declaration form one (1) month prior to your certification expiration date listed on your wall certificate.


      How can I view my certification information online?


      You can view your certification online post login by following these steps:

      • Go to:
      • Login to your existing account with User ID (8 digit #) and Password (Do not create a duplicate account)
      • Scroll down and click on the “BOC Activities” icon
      • Scroll down and click on “view certifications” link


      Do you have a list of acceptable providers for continuing education credits?


      No. The BOC does not pre-approve CE providers. If your continuing education credits meet the recertification requirements for your category (see pages 3-4 of CMP booklet) and you can provide documentation if audited, they are acceptable.


      Can I use college/university coursework towards my CMP requirements?


      You may use college/university coursework towards your recertification requirements. 1 quarter hour equals 10 CMP points and 1 semester hour equals 15 CMP points. CE points for college/university coursework may not exceed 50% of the total number of points required for recertification.


      How do I access the online CMP declaration process?


      You may access the online and PDF declaration process by following these steps:

      • Go to
      • Click on “Education” on blue tool bar
      • Or Click on “check Progress” button under the “My Education” card
      • Or Under the “My BOC Activities” card, click on “CMP Recertification Process” link


      Do I need to mail supporting documentation of my continuing education?


      No. Please do not mail certificates or transcripts of completed CEs unless you have been notified that your declaration form has been selected for audit.


      How long will it take before my certification is updated?


      Estimated processing time for all declaration submissions is 30 business days.


      Can the processing of my application be expedited?


      No, the processing and evaluation of a CMP declaration form cannot be expedited. Please submit your requirements at least one (1) month prior to your certification expiration date to allow sufficient time for processing.


      Where can my employer get proof that I’m recertified?


      Your employer may request a verification of your certification online at this link:


      If my form is found deficient how can I resubmit online my missing requirements or continuing education?


      If your declaration form is found deficient, you will receive a deficiency notification and a link to the CMP Declaration Addendum form. This form is to be used for resubmitting your missing requirements. You will also be provided with an email to resubmit your completed form.


      Can I synchronize my certification end dates if one of them is enrolled in the ASCP re.member program?


      It depends. This is determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact the BOC office in writing at and explain your intententions. Include your full name, customer ID number, and certification categories/numbers. Your record will be reviewed and if approved, you will be contacted with instructions.


      I submitted my declaration form two (or more) months prior to my certification expiration date and I haven’t heard anything yet, why?


      Certifications are updated beginning on the first day of the month in which they expire, regardless of when you submitted your completed declaration form. If your certification is updated during your current cycle, you will receive email notification when your certification has been updated. Please make sure all of your contact information is up-to-date to avoid missing these email notifications.


      My NCA certification was lapsed when the BOC/NCA unification occurred, how can I reinstate my certification now?


      You may reinstate your lapsed NCA certification by completing the BOC Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) and submitting a completed declaration form documenting the required continuing education earned within the last 3 years as required for your category, along with the current application and reinstatement fees.


      My ASCP certification has lapsed ; do I need to sit for the exam again?


      If your (ASCP)CM certification has lapsed for less than ten (10) years, you will be required to complete the CMP and pay a reinstatement fee along with the CMP application fee. If your certification has lapsed ten (10) or more years, you will be required to retake and pass the certification examination for reinstatement of your certification.

      Rev 07/21/2016