International Certification and Qualification


ASCPi Certification & Qualification: Our Global Response to a Changing World

International Credentials through ASCPi help you stay focused on work and education priorities no matter where you’re located.

ASCP offers its gold standard credentials in the form of international certification to eligible individuals worldwide. The ASCPi credential certifies professional competency among new and practicing laboratory personnel in an effort to contribute globally to the highest standards of patient safety. Graduates of medical laboratory science programs outside the United States are challenged with content that mirrors the standards of excellence established by ASCP exams. The ASCPi credential carries the weight of eighty years of expertise in clinical laboratory professional certification.

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Document and Verify your work experience (if required)

Accredited/Approved Laboratories Accredited by JCI, CAP, under ISO 15189 or authorized by a governing regulatory association or Ministry. Countries without a prevalent system of accreditation must have laboratories approved by an International Advisory Board appointed by the ASCP Board of Certification. Training programs which do not grant university credit as part of a Medical Laboratory program will be counted as experience.

Step 1: Please download the appropriate work experience documentation form. These forms refer to the particular eligibility requirement for your certification category. If your eligibility route is not listed below, a work experience documentation form is not required.

Step 2: Work experience documentation forms must be completed by laboratory management or your employer (as defined in the eligibility requirements) and attached to a letter of authenticity signed by this individual verifying the authenticity of the form. This letter must be printed on original letterhead and state that the work experience documentation form was completed by laboratory management or your employer, with the date and signature. Work experience documentation forms will be audited to verify authenticity. To see a sample Letter of Authenticity, please click here.

Step 3: Work experience documentation forms and Letters of Authenticity should be sent immediately after completion of the online application via mail or email to:

ASCP International
33 W. Monroe St., Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60603-5617