Continuing Education for
Residency Program Directors

ASCP makes learning convenient.

As you strive to stay on the leading edge of your profession, ASCP is here to support you by providing the information and knowledge you need to remain current in your field and meet your institutional, licensure, and Maintenance of Certification requirements.

Whether your preferred learning style is visual, auditory, hands-on, or a combination, ASCP offers many educational tools and resources that make learning convenient so that you can easily obtain your CME credits while you continue to focus on your career.

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To aid you in your continued learning as a practicing pathologist, ASCP gives you access to hundreds of books on a wide array of topics relevant to the pathology and laboratory medicine fields.

With new titles and leading bestsellers, ASCP offers print and e-books so that studying can be easy and convenient whether you're at home, work, or on-the-go.
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To help you learn at your own pace and gauge your understanding as you go, ASCP offers a variety of self-study and assessment programs, including:

ASCP Case Reports (formerly CheckSample)--This online multi-purpose self-learning tool is offered in eight different series covering every major area of clinical and anatomic pathology. Peer-reviewed cases are posted bimonthly on a timely topic.  

CheckPath--A combination glass-slide/virtual-slide/image-based assessment program. Five to seven cases with clinical histories are sent each quarter, and participants receive peer-reviewed interpretations for each case. Participants can earn 20-28 CME, CMLE, or SAM credit annually. This activity meets both Part II and Part IV MOC requirements. CheckPath Anatomic Pathology | CheckPath Clinical Pathology |CheckPath Hematopathology

GYN Assessment--Measure your team’s interpretive skills in gynecologic cytopathology testing and fulfill your CAP LAP accreditation requirements for interlaboratory comparison. Choose the date you wish to start. Then, you’ll receive 15 high-quality glass slide cases throughout the year. Detailed educational materials and individual comparative result reports are provided for each glass slide case. A year-end summary provides statistical performance reports for all individuals on your laboratory team, as well as the laboratory as a whole.

Non-GYN Assessment--Measure your team’s interpretive skills in non-gynecologic cytopathology and fulfill CAP LAP accreditation requirements for interlaboratory comparison. Like the GYN Assessment, choose the date you wish to start. Over a year, you will receive 20 high-quality glass slide cases. A year-end summary provides statistical performance for all individuals in your laboratory team.

GYN Lab Comparison--This comprehensive program fulfills all your gynecologic cytopathology proficiency testing and CAP LAP accreditation requirements for interlaboratory comparison. Choose the date of your ASCP GYN PT™ testing, slide type as well as a second date for your Lab Comparison shipment. Your ASCP Lab Comparison program consists of 12 high-quality glass slides, detailed comparative results and year end statistical summaries.

NonGYN Digital Image-- This program includes 20 diagnostically interesting NonGYN/FNB cases depicted by high-resolution digital images, followed by interlaboratory statistics and detailed case discussions. An ideal program to add to your educational library and teaching tool for staff, residents or fellows.

Pathologist Recertification Individualized Self-Assessment Examination (PRISE)-- ASCP's online, modular self-assessment and comprehensive educational tool specifically designed for pathologists and residents. PRISE gives you online access to hundreds of multiple-choice questions that are case-based, many with images, educational feedback, and references.

You’ll find that ASCP webcasts and teleconferences offer the utmost in convenience and efficiency with a long list of benefits:

  • An opportunity for your entire laboratory team to interact live with leading experts for one low registration fee;
  • Handouts that can be downloaded prior to the teleconference or webcast for convenient desktop viewing during the session and future reference; and
  • CD with complete teleconference (audio and visual) following the session

Webcasts and teleconferences also provide CME credits for physicians and meet MOC Lifelong Learning Requirements. A variety of topics are available in many categories including chemistry and immunochemistry, cytology, hematology and coagulation, histology, microbiology and infectious diseases, surgical pathology and transfusion medicine.

To view the schedule of upcoming webcasts and teleconferences, or to register for a specific session, click here.