• Final Rule Grants Patients Access to Test Results

    February 06, 2014
    A new regulation by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) grants patients direct access to their laboratory result. It may also offer pathologists and the laboratory team a greater opportunity for direct patient consultation and education of test results. Read more
  • ASCP Stands Strong Against Cancer

    February 04, 2014
    On World Cancer Day, ASCP highlights the members of our community that have been directly affected by the disease. We also want to highlight the important work that many of our members do every day to create better treatments, promote specialized care, and increase patient outcomes. Read more
  • Accelerate Your Career Growth Through ASCP National Honor Award

    February 04, 2014
    When Catherine Cory McLeod, PA(ASCP)CM, received the ASCP National School Honor Award last year, it gave her a boost of confidence that her strong academic record and leadership skills set her apart from her peers.    “The award lets potential employers know that I worked hard to keep my grades up and be involved in extra-curricular activities,” says Mrs. McLeod, works as a pathologists’ assistant program at Strata Pathology Services, in Lexington, Mass. Read more
  • Call for ASCP Board of Director Nominations

    February 04, 2014
    The ASCP Nominations Committee seeks your help in identifying outstanding ASCP members for open ASCP Board of Directors at-Large positions. The at-Large positions are open to both laboratory professionals and pathologists. New Board members would begin their service on Oct. 10, 2014. Read more