Fellow Neuropathology In-Service Examination (NPISE)


The Fellow Neuropathology In-Service Examination represents cooperation between the ASCP and The American Association of Neuropathologists (AANP) and consists of at least 100 multiple-choice items, many with images.

The examination utilizes the ASCP Online Browser, which requires a download of free software from ASCP on all computers used to take the exam.  If the software was already downloaded last year it does not need to be downloaded again.  The ASCP Online Browser must be ready to use prior to taking the examination.

Individual score information will be provided to Program Directors and to Fellows.

The fee for this year is:
US$ 140.00 per participant taking the examination

The following points characterize the exam:

  • Flexibility in Administration: The examination may be administered anytime between September 5-15, 2017. 
  • Performance Reports: Computer-generated individual score reports and percentile rankings will be provided to the Fellows and Program Directors.

The registration deadline for this year is August 18, 2017 

For more detailed information and any inquiries related to the fellow exams, please contact:
Jay Wagner
P 312-541-4741; rise@ascp.org