Make a difference with ASCP.

Are you a laboratory professional looking for opportunities to give back to your community or get more involved with ASCP? Do you want to contribute your time or resources to relevant causes that enhance lives and raise awareness about issues that concern the laboratory community? ASCP offers a variety of volunteer opportunities and invites members who want to become involved with the organization to consider serving in a leadership position on one of our councils or committees, or serving as a local representative. To find out more about current volunteer opportunities or to apply for an opportunity, visit the tabs below.

The Council of Laboratory Professionals of the ASCP is the voice of the Society’s laboratory members. The Council provides advice and recommendations to the ASCP Board of Directors through the Commission on Membership on ways in which the Society may best meet the professional and educational needs of the Members. The council has twelve members. Eight of the members serve as Regional Representatives and work with a network of volunteers, Local Representatives, in their respective region.

The goals of the Council of Laboratory Professionals are to:

  • Facilitate communication between the ASCP and Laboratory Professionals
  • Develop strategies for recruitment and retention of Laboratory Professionals
  • Expand, support, and mentor the ASCP Network of Local Representatives
  • Recommend new products and services for Laboratory Professionals
  • Promote advocacy on issues affecting the profession
  • Recruit and support students in the laboratory professions
  • Oversee the work of the ASCP Scholarship Committee
  • Collaborate with other laboratory organizations on professional development initiatives
  • Identify and mentor members for leadership roles in the Society

Learn More about the duties of a Local Representative

Click here to apply to serve as a Local Representative.

Click here for the recent list of Local Representatives.

New! ASCP is Looking for Russian-Speaking Consultants

ASCP is looking for Russian-speaking consultants with laboratory management experience to travel to Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

How do consultants help?

ASCP members serve as consultants and volunteers for important programs such as the ASCP/PEPFAR initiative, to address the growing threat of AIDS in Sub-saharan Africa and the Caribbean, and now, Central Asia. As demand, innovation and new dynamics present themselves, ASCP members continually maintain an important role in this outreach.

Upcoming assessment and training opportunities in Kazakhstan include assessment, mentoring, and training as part of piloting the SLMTA program (Strengthening Laboratory Management toward Accreditation). Consultant trips range from five to 12 days.

Why should I get involved in Global Outreach with ASCP?

Global outreach with ASCP is a rewarding adventure you will never forget. In addition to providing meaingful service that makes a huge impact on people in need, you will receive unique training and experiences that nurture your professional and personal growth and learning.

What opportunities are available?

In addition to our Russian-speaking consultant opportunities in Central Asia, we are always in need of individuals who are fluent in French or Portuguese to assist in the facilitation of projects and trainings in Haiti, Cote d’Ivoire, Rwanda and Mozambique.

Opportunities include workgroup participation to develop training materials, assessing and evaluating scenarios in marginalized nations, and serving as laboratory trainers specializing in Hematology, Chemistry, CD4 testing, Phlebotomy, and Laboratory Management.

Ultimately these opportunities will serve to enhance laboratory testing practices, and enhance the quality of laboratory testing services in order to improve the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment services and interventions.

How do I apply for Global Outreach?

If contributing to ASCP’s efforts is within your personal and professional interests, please complete the online application form.  And visit the Global Outreach section of our website for more information.  

    If you are a lab professional interested in giving back to your community or becoming more involved with ASCP, we invite you to serve on one of our commissions, councils, or committees, where you will have the opportunity to share your concerns, make your voice heard, and truly make a difference in the laboratory community.

    What are the commissions, councils, and committees?

    To see a full list of ASCP's commissions, councils, and committees, click here.

    How do I apply?

    If you are interested in serving on any of the commissions, councils, or committees, please contact the ASCP's Executive Offices by calling 312.541.4951.

    LabQ  is an online peer-reviewed educational publication of case reports in the areas of clinical chemistry, clinical immunology, hematology, microbiology, molecular diagnostics, phlebotomy, and transfusion medicine. Twenty-two cases are published each year.

    Please see the author instructions for requirements.


    Upon publication of your paper, an honoraria of $250 (plus an additional $250 if it was submitted on time) will be awarded to the chosen recipient, or it may be divided if preferred.

    Get Started

    To propose a case, please e-mail a short description and the learning objectives, as well as the author names, to Your proposal will be reviewed and, if the editors are interested, you will be invited to submit the paper for consideration. [Please note that once you submit your manuscript, it can take several months to a year before it is accepted, owing to the triple-tiered review process and other factors.]
    For more details and an Author Guidelines PDF, click here.