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Institute Highlights Dedication to Patient-Centered Care

ASCP launched the new ASCP Institute for Science, Technology, and Policy to foster work in the areas of patient-centered outcomes, evidence-based practice, and scientific ambassadorship. "The new Institute integrates the science, technology, and public policy efforts of the ASCP, so that it can be more effective in all arenas," says Jeff Jacobs, MA, ASCP Senior Vice President of the ASCP Institute for Science, Technology, and Policy.

The Washington, D.C., based Institute is home to the Center for Science and Technology and Center for Public Policy. These Centers will allow ASCP to work more diligently on your behalf through advocacy, government relations, and collaborations as the landscape of U.S. health care continues to evolve. The Society's focus on fostering domestic and international partnerships will provide you with more opportunities to become involved in the global health movement.