About Choosing Wisely


About Choosing Wisely

Evidence shows that 30 percent of the care delivered in the United States is inappropriate. Choosing Wisely is part of multi-year effort led by the ABIM Foundation to support and engage physicians in being better stewards of finite healthcare resources.

"Measuring outcomes is essential in the fast-approaching evolution of health care and is underscored by the axiom, ‘right test, right patient, right time, at the right cost.’"

Blair Holladay, PhD, SCT(ASCP)CM
ASCP Executive Vice President

Leading medical specialty societies, such as ASCP, are releasing evidence-based lists of tests and procedures that may not be properly utilized for all patients. The lists provide targeted, evidence-based interventions to help physicians and patients have conversations about making wise choices about their care to avoid inappropriate tests that provide no benefit.

For more information regarding ASCP and Choosing Wisely, contact Susan Montgomery, 312.541.4754, Susan.Montgomery@ascp.org.

Choosing Wisely and ASCP in the Media

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Jeff Jacobs, MA, Senior Vice President of Science, Technology,
and Policy discusses the benefits of collaboration at the 2012
ASCP Annual Meeting in Boston.