International Attendees

ASCP welcomes our international guests to Austin, Texas.

If you're an international guest, count on us to help make your trip to the ASCP 2020 Annual Meeting simple and successful. Here is your resource for assistance with travel plans, documentation and all the details of coming to America for three days of learning and networking with colleagues from across the globe. We look forward to seeing you at the ASCP 2020 Annual Meeting.

As you plan your trip to the meeting, please visit this website often for the latest information about educational sessions, social events, and breaking news as we continue to plan an outstanding educational and social program for all guests.

Please be aware that a trip to the United States may require additional planning. All visa applicants are advised to apply for their visas as soon as possible for travel to the United States.

Visa Application Tips

Include a letter of invitation from ASCP (see below).

When possible, provide proof of professional scientific and/or educational status, society membership, and/or meeting registration.

Visa applicants are expected to provide evidence that they intend to return to their country of residence. Therefore, applicants should provide proof of binding or sufficient ties to their home country or permanent residence abroad. Visa applications are more likely to be successful if done in the visitor's home country.

Applicants should present their entire trip itinerary, including travel to any countries other than the United States, at the time of their visa application.

All applicants must be able to qualify for a visa on their own merits under the requirements of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Find more information about applying for a visa here.


International Invitation Letter

If you must apply for a temporary non-immigrant visa to the ASCP 2020 Annual Meeting, you are advised to apply as soon as possible.

ASCP will offer an official letter of invitation for ASCP 2020 Annual Meeting attendees. That letter will be available after March 31, 2020 to registered attendees on request to ASCP Customer Service at 800.267.2727. Present this letter of invitation from ASCP to the consular officer during the visa interview. The letter of invitation, though not required for the visa application and by no means guaranteeing admittance into the U.S., can assist as a supporting document and provide compelling evidence for immigration officials to consider.

Please note that ASCP cannot intervene with either U.S. embassies abroad or with the U.S. State Department on behalf of any participant.

Cancellation Policy

A full refund will be issued for cancellations received in writing no later than August 21, 2020. ASCP reserves the right to cancel a program due to circumstances beyond its control or for insufficient registration. Registrants will be notified immediately and allowed to substitute a session or obtain a full refund. The Society is not responsible for penalties incurred as a result of cancelled transportation. Please notify us in advance by calling ASCP Customer Service at 800.267.2727; or 312.541.4890 (Illinois and U.S.).