ASCP President's Award

Established in 2009, the President's Award honors outstanding ASCP members who have gone above and beyond their duties and performed exceptional service for the profession.

Robert McKenna, MD, MASCP

Dr. McKenna

ASCP Masterships

This designation serves to honor those distinguished ASCP members who have made significant contributions to the field of pathology and laboratory medicine and to ASCP. Eligibility is based on years of ASCP membership, significant career accomplishments, and contributions to the Society and to the profession.

Rebecca Johnson, MD, MASCP
Steven Kroft, MD, MASCP
Walter Oliveira, MASCP, MLS(ASCP)CM,SI


Donna Castellone, MS, MASCP, MT(ASCP) SH
Bruce Smoller, MD, MASCP
Perthena Latchaw, MS, MASCP, MLS(ASCP)CM

Dr. Johnson
Dr. Kroft
Dr. Smoller
Ms. Castellone
Ms. Latchaw
Mr. Oliveira

H.P. Smith Award for Distinguished Pathology Educator

This prestigious award is given to an ASCP Fellow member who has had an exemplary career in pathology and laboratory medicine, embracing education, research, and administration, as well as service to organized pathology.

Robert Hartsock, MD, FASCP

Israel Davidsohn Award for Distinguished Service

This award recognizes an ASCP Fellow who has made significant contributions to the Society by participating in several leadership roles throughout his or her career.

Robert Goulart, MD, FASCP

Philip Levine Award for Outstanding Research

This award honors ASCP members who have made a significant contribution to molecular pathology, immunohematology, and/or immunopathology research.

Carlo Brugnara, MD, FASCP

Ward Burdick Award for Distinguished Service to Pathology

This award honors an ASCP member who has made a significant contribution to pathology through sustained service to the profession and the Society.

LoAnn Peterson, MD, MASCP

ASCP Member Excellence in Education Award

This award honors recipients for their achievements in education.


ASCP Member Excellence in Management Award

This award honors recipients for their active engagement in laboratory management and demonstrated skills and management strategies.

Barbara Caldwell, MS, MLS(ASCP)CMSHCM

ASCP Member Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes recipients for their accomplishments, spirit, and Society activities throughout their careers, as well as for their commitment to the laboratory medicine profession.


Mentorship Award

Established in 2014, this award honors ASCP members who have demonstrated excellence in mentoring by providing support, encouragement and promoting the field of pathology to students/residents.

Kathleen Becan-McBride, EdD, MASCP, MT(ASCP)CMSHCM

Academic Excellence and Achievement in Pathology "Gold" Award

Emily Rachelle McMullen, MD
University of Michigan


Resident Representative Leadership Award

Emilio Madrigal, DO
Mount Sinai Health System

Stephanie Skala, MD
University of Michigan

Regional Member Awards

Midwest: Sarlanda Calip, HTL(ASCP)CM

North Central: Michelle Campbell, MLS(ASCP)CM

Northeast: Michael Sovocool, PA(ASCP)CM

Northwest: Robin Bell, MLT(ASCP)CM

Southeast: Michael Mazzotta, PA(ASCP)CM

Southwest: Mokpokpo Adzitso, MLS(ASCP)CM


40 Under Forty Top 5

Christina Arnold, MD, FASCP

Dana Bostic, MBA, MLS(ASCP)CM

Michelle Campbell, MLS(ASCP)CM

Roseann Wu, MD, MPH, FASCP

Hoi-Ying (Elsie) Yu, PhD, DABCC, FACB

Choosing Wisely Champions

This award recognizes clinicians as well as teams of clinicians and their commitment to the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation's Choosing Wisely Campaign. The campaign's ideals are intended to reduce test overuse and to encourage clinicians and patients to question which tests are really necessary to reduce test overuse and improve the nation's healthcare system.

Cedars-Sinai Health System, Los Angeles

Scott Weingarten, MD
Senior Vice President,
Chief Clinical Transformation Officer

Ellen Klapper, MD, FASCP
Medical Director, Division on Transfusion

Massachusetts General Hospital,
Department of Pathology, Boston

Jason Baron, MD, FASCP

Anand Dighe, MD, PhD

John Branda, MD


Henry Ford Health System, Detroit

Ilan Rubinfeld, MD, MBA
Associate Chief Medical Officer

Advocate BroMenn and Eureka Hospitals, Normal, IL

Dana Altenburger, MD, FASCP
Medical Director of the Laboratory

Geisinger Medical Laboratories Test Utilization Committee, Geisinger Health System, Danville, Pa.

Conrad Schuerch, MD
Chairman, Department of Laboratory Medicine

Kelly Baldwin, MD

Brandi Bradrick
Laboratory Financial Manager

Jeanene Contreras
Core Laboratory Manager

Harold Harrison, MD, PhD
Clinical Pathology Director

N. Sertac Kip, MD, PhD
Molecular Pathology

Troy Klinger
Program Director IT

Philip Krebs
Director Medical Policy and Appeals, Geisinger Health Plan

Diana Kremitske, MS, MHA, MT (ASCP)
VP Laboratory Operations


Jordan Olson, MD
Director of Laboratory Pre-analytics

Dean Parry, RPh
AVP Pharmacy Clinical Informatics

Bonnie Salbert, DO
Pediatric Genetics

Wayne Short, SCPM
Laboratory IT Program Director

Patricia Tsang, MD
Laboratory Medical Director

Marc Williams, MD
Director Genomics Medicine Institute

Mike Weaver, MT(ASCP)
Analytical Specialist, Referred Testing

Bret Yarczower, MD
Sr. Medical Director, Geisinger Health Plan

Oral Abstract Winners and Finalists

The following individuals are finalists in the Oral Abstract award competition taking place during ASCP 2016. Oral Abstract finalists are identified by blue ribbons on their posters.

Winning Abstract:
Using a Laboratory Developed Algorithm for the Diagnostic Optimization of Anemia
Peter Munk, BS

Identification of Clinically Relevant Mycobacterial Species after Extended Incubation Times in the BACTECTM MGITTM System
Bryan Rea, MD

Free Prostatic Specific Antigen Utilization Practices
Ron B. Schifman, MD

Use of Prostate-Specific Antigen Test in a 98-Million National Sample of Privately- Insured and Medicare Supplemental Patients, 2009-2014
Shahram Shahangian, PhD


MOOC for PAPS: An Electronic Educational Module Building Exercise to Train Cytoscreeners, Making Pap Smears Available in Resource Limited Settings
Rajan Dewar, MD, PhD

Are Anti-NMDAR Encephalitis Related Ovarian Teratomas Distinct? Possible Role of Immunopathological Pathway
Smita Patel, MD

Mayo Clinic Pathways: A Collaborative Platform for Global Pathology Education
Andrew Norgan, MD, PhD

Pap Test Result Trends in an Inner City Setting, A Longitudinal Study
Amir Momeni Boroujeni, MD

Poster Presentation Winners and Finalists

The following individuals are finalists in the "Best Poster" award competition taking place during ASCP 2016. Best Poster finalists are identified by blue ribbons on their posters.

Best Scientific Poster Winner and Finalists

Winning Poster:
Functional Genomics Approaches to Elucidate the Role of Breast Cancer Specific Mutations in GATA3
Paraic A. Kenny, PhD

High Prevalence of Monoclonal Gammopathy Among Patients with Warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia
Aishwarya Ravindran, MBB

Differentiating Intra-renal Ectopic Adrenal Tissue from Renal Clear-Cell Carcinoma
Mustafa Yousif

The 4Kscore Test® without Digital Rectal Examination Information Accurately Identifies Men with Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Mohit Mathur, MD, PhD

Improving Workflow Efficiency in Anatomic Pathology Laboratories Through Information Extraction and Analytics
Shohei Ikoma, MD

Cytomegalovirus is Associated with Decrease Survival of Patients with Colon Cancer
Piotr Religa, MD, PhD

Whole Slide Imaging For HER2/Neu Immunohistochemistry: Reproducibility Study for Digital and Paired Glass Slide Interpretation
Amir Momeni Boroujeni, MD


Preneoplastic and Neoplastic Endometrial Lesions are Associated with Loss Of BAP1 Expression by Immunohistochemistry
M. Andrew Toussaint

Variable Alpha Thalassemia/Mental Retardation Syndrome X-Linked (ATRX) Immunohistochemical Expression Among Gliomas By Histologic Type: An Institution's Experience
Kim Mayhall, MD

Importance of Para-Aortic Lymph Node Biopsy in Type II Endometrial Carcinomas with Negative Sentinel Lymph Nodes
Kristin Sticco

Assessment of the Immune Microenvironment in Estrogen Receptor Positive Invasive Breast Cancers and its Correlation to Clinicopathologic Parameters
Laura Favazza

Rapid and Significant Reduction in Liver Steatosis After Transplant
Richard S. Mangus, MD

Characterization of Human Adenovirus Serotypes Infection in Clinical Specimens from Immunodeficient Patients at NYPH
Patrick McIntire, MD

HSP27 Expression Associated with Luminal Subtypes of Breast Ductal Carcinomas in African American Women
Farhan A. Khan

Best Resident Poster Winner and Finalists

Winning Poster:
Predictive Value of Hypogammaglobulinemia in Monoclonal Gammopathies Detected by Reflex Immunofixation of Serum Protein Electrophoresis Samples
David M. Manthei

Histopathologic Parameters Predict Clinical Outcome in Down-Staged Pancreatic Cancer Patients With Previously Unresectable Tumors
Allison Goldberg

CD30 Staining in Pediatric Neoplasms, Study of 586 Cases
Jinjun Cheng, MD

Clinicopathologic Correlation of 60 Cases of Lupus Nephritis with Tubulo-Reticular Inclusions
Ghassan Tranesh, MD

TCTE3 is a Novel Marker for Pancreatobiliary Tumors
Chaohui L. Zhao, MD, PhD


Renal Tumors in Allograft Kidneys and Association with BK Polyomavirus Infection
Hussein Alnajar

Chromosome 17 Aneuploidy Does Not Confer a Worse Prognosis in Breast Cancer Patients Less Than Forty Years Old
Alexis Bousamra

How Do Point of Care Testing (POCT) Programs Handle Request for New Services?
Andy Mazzara, MS

Hyaline Globules Within Kupffer Cells in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Viral Infection
Nahir Cortes-Santiago

HSP90 Expression Associated With HER2 Overexpressing Breast Ductal Carcinomas in African American Women
Farhan A. Khan

Best Lab Practice Poster Winner and Finalists

Winning Poster:
One Pathologist, a Senior Clinical Analyst and Communication: Successful Pathologist Driven Laboratory Clinical Utilization in a Community Hospital
Dana Altenburger, MD, FASCP

Driving Improvement in Outpatient Phlebotomy Wait Times Through Data, Systems and Behaviors
Anthony Simonetti, MD, MBA

An Approach for Accurate Molecular Diagnosis of Highly Homologous SDHA Gene
Vahid Bahrambeigi

Compliance with LAST Recommendations for Adjunct p16 IHC Assessment in "High Risk" Cervical Biopsies
Emily B. Rostlund, MD

Logistic Regression Modeling: Statistically Driven Stewardship of Anaplasma Polymerase Chain Reaction Testing by Complete Blood Count and Basic Metabolic Profile
Thomas JS. Durant, MD


An Evidence-Based Study to Improve Utilization of C-Reactive Protein and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Testing and Reduce Unnecessary Concurrent Orders
Ayaz Ghani, MD

Team Zika: How Northwell Health Laboratories Expedited the Collection, Handling and Transportation for Testing of Zika Virus Specimens
Edmund R. Giugliano, PhD

MYC and BCL2 Gene Rearrangements in Comparison to MYC and BCL2 Protein Expression in AIDS-related Diffuse Large B cell Lymphomas
Anna S. Nam, MD

The Association of Sevelamer Crystals with Severe Gastrointestinal Tract Damage and Perforation
Yuanxin Liang

Using Signal-to-Cutoff Ratio to Improve 4th Generation Human Immunodeficiency Virus Diagnostics
Taylor Jenkins, MD

Best International Poster Winner and Finalists

Winning Poster:
Investigation of the Bioactive Properties and Hypoglycemic Effects of Ethanol, Hexane and Ethyl Ethanonate Extractsfrom Kondol Leaves (Benincasa hispida Cogniaux)
Elvie Arriola, MT

The Epidemiology of Laboratory Confirmed Rubella cases in Oromia Region, Ethiopia, 2010-2015: Data from the Measles Case-Based Surveillance System.
Dejenie Shiferaw Teklu

Testing of Fungal Species Isolated in Anguilla For Antimicrobial Effect of Their Secondary Metabolites
Adekunle Sanyaolu, PhD

Plasma Von Willebrand Factor Antigen And Soluble Thrombomodulin Levels in Male Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome at Diagnosis
Durjoy Kumar Shome, MD

A Histologic Approach to Qualify Lung Tissue Damage in a Sheep Model of Transfusion-Related Lung Injury: Role of Red Blood Cell Storage Duration and Heat-Treatment
Elise K. Roche, BS


Assessment of Short-Term Individual Variation of Osmolality Based on Serial Patient Measurements
Mireille Kattar, MD

Prognostic Value of Immunoscoring in Primary Cutaneous Melanoma by Immunohistochemistric Evaluation of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes
Samira Mortazavi, MD

Tissues From Hip And Knee Replacement Surgery: Pathology Or Disposal?
Karen Cormier, BSc, CT(ASCP)

Optimal Utilization of Cytotechnologists' Screening Skills and Time in Gynecologic and Non-Gynecologic Cytology
Karen Cormier, BSc, CT(ASCP)

Diagnostic Characterization of Gliomas by Combined Expression of Isocitrate Dehydrogenase and Internexin Alpha in Gliomas
M. I. Basheer, MBBS

Best Education Practice Poster Winner and Finalists

Winning Poster:
Rapid Implementation of an Open-Source Virtual Microscopy Application for Pathology Resident Education
Andrew Norgan, MD, PhD

Histologic Features of Idiopathic Noncirrhotic Portal Hypertension in Incidental Liver Biopsies and Their Implication for Practicing Pathologists
Chunlai Zuo, MD

Severe Persistent Marrow Aplasia In Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML): An Unusual Complication of Imatinib
Mitul Modi, MBBS, DCP

Optimization of Pathology Residency Schedules in Accordance with the American Board of Pathology Blueprints and College of American Pathologists Reports
Amir Ghorbani, MD

Improving the Pathology Reports Dictation
Ramin Zargham


Talc Granulomatosis, Munchausen's Syndrome, and Post- Autopsy Jurisdictional Transfer: The Crucial Necessity of Hospital Autopsy Death Investigation
Jennifer L. Kasten, MD, MSc, MSc

Improving Patient Care through Resident Readiness: Pre- Anatomic Pathology Call Simulation Workshop
Xinhai Zhang, MD

Arsenic Trioxide in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia and Associated Bone Marrow Changes
Asim Ahmad, MD

Carbonic Anhydrase (CAIX) Expression as Diagnostic Aid in Epithelial Ovarian Cancers and Its Clinical Implication
Taliya Farooq

A Lesson in Laboratory Test Utilization Management: Reduction of Factor V Leiden Genotype Orders
Sarah Daccarett, MD