Program Highlights:

Discover Your Path

How will you experience ASCP 2023?

For those looking to focus in on a subspecialty or topic area, the following tracks provide suggested pathways for you to explore.

All sessions are included with your ASCP 2023 registration, but a number of new tracks have been developed to give you a framework for how to best experience this year’s meeting.

Choose from 35 education sessions, such as:

  • Day 1: A Practical Approach to Problematic Thoracic Pathology Cases
                Jeffrey Myers, MD, FASCP; Kristine Konopka, MD; Tao Huang, BM, PhD, FASCP
  • Day 1: Molecularly-defined Renal Cell Carcinoma and its Differential Diagnosis (VMT Session)
                Sean Williamson, MD, FASCP; Mahmut Akgul, MD
  • Day 2: Diagnostic Challenges in Lower Gastrointestinal Tract Ulcers
                Yue Xue, MD, PhD; Yang Guang-Yu, MD, PhD
  • Day 2: A Simple and Practical Diagnostic Approach to Frozen Sections from the Liver
                Vishal Chandan, MD; Sejal Shah, MD
  • Day 3: Don't Sweat It! - A Practical Approach to Salivary Gland Lesions of the Breast and more
                Raza Hoda, MD, FASCP; Patrick McIntire, MD, FASCP
  • Day 3: Videomicroscopy Tutorial (VMT): Dealing with Difficult Diagnostic Specimens from Patients with Testicular Neoplasms
                Thomas Ulbright, MD

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Choose from 10 specialty sessions, including:

  • Day 1: Diagnosis of lymphoproliferative disorders in cytology and small biopsy: a practical approach
                Songlin Zhang, MD, PhD, FASCP; Xiaohong Wang, MD, PhD
  • Day 1: Out of the Box Flow Cytometry - Unconventional Uses of Flow Cytometry
                Henry Rinder, MD, FASCP; Alexa Siddon, MD, FASCP
  • Day 2: Nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma: Challenges in diagnosis, subclassification, and prognostication
                Aliyah Sohani, MD; Rachel Mariani, MD
  • Day 3: ICC vs WHO classifications of hematolymphoid neoplasms
                Shiyong Li, MD, PhD, FASCP; George Deeb, MD, FASCP

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Choose from 5 specialty sessions, including:

  • Day 1: Navigating the Diagnostic Challenges in EUS-guided FNA of Mesenchymal Tumors: A Case-based Approach
                Juan Xing, MD; Xiaoying Liu, MD, FASCP
  • Day 2: Urine Trouble? A Robust Approach to Urine Cytology with Emphasis on Identifying Mimics of Urothelial Carcinoma and Updates to The Paris System for Reporting Urinary Cytology
                Patrick J. McIntire, MD, FASCP; Tarik Elsheikh, MD
  • Day 3: Fluid Cytology: An Update on Advances in CSF Cytology and Lymphoproliferative Processes in Body Fluids
                Lester Layfield, MD, FASCP

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Additional Meeting Highlights


And be sure to fill out your schedule with these meeting highlights, including a host of opportunities to network with and learn from other pathologists as well as members of the entire laboratory team.

  • Day 1: ‘Hot Topic Meet-Ups’ - sit with others in your field for an informal roundtable discussion on top-of-mind topics
  • Day 1: Cancer Patient Advocate Keynote with actor/philanthropist Rob Lowe
  • Day 1: Arthur Purdy Stout Lecture for Pathologists – Sara Dry, MD
  • Day 1: Biospecimens in Clinical Care and Research: Legal/Ethical Issues and Patient Concerns
  • Day 1: Opening Reception - relax and socialize with all attendees
  • Day 2: Scientific Keynote Speaker: Kizzmekia S. Corbett, PhD
  • Day 2: Cindy Johns Lecture – Robert McKenna, MD
  • Day 2: Attendee Reception - eat, drink, and socialize!
  • 200+ research posters

Renowned Experts in Pathology

2023 speakers include:

  • Jeffrey Myers, MD, FASCP

    Jeffrey Myers, MD, FASCP,
    University of Michigan Medicine

  • Mary Bronner, MD,

    Mary Bronner, MD,
    ARUP Laboratories

  • Andrew Churg, MD, PhD,

    Liron Pantanowitz, MD, MBBCH, FASCP,
    University of Pittsburgh / UPMC

  • Kamran Mirza, MD, PhD, FASCP

    Kamran Mirza, MD, PhD, FASCP,
    Loyola University

  • Henry Rinder, MD, FASCP

    Henry Rinder, MD, FASCP,
    Yale School of Medicine

  • Xiaoying Liu, MD, MS, FASCP

    Xiaoying Liu, MD, MS, FASCP,
    Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth

  • Sarah Dry
  • Featured Session

    Arthur Purdy Stout Lecture for Pathologists

    Biospecimens in Clinical Care and Research: Legal/Ethical Issues and Patient Concerns

    Friday, October 20 – 9:15AM – 10:15AM

    Sarah Dry, MD

AP/CP Rapid Review Series

Brush up your knowledge in quick fashion with these 1-hour rapid-fire review sessions. Now adapted for both residents and practicing pathologists, these 12 sessions each cover foundational knowledge in a single topic area, including:

AP Rapid Review


 Breast Pathology



 Gynecologic & Non-Gynecologic Cytology

 Soft Tissue

CP Rapid Review

 Clinical Chemistry

 Transfusion Medicine / Blood Banking



 Medical Microbiology

 Laboratory Administration / Management

featured sessions

All Rapid Review sessions will be recorded and included with the On-Demand add-on.

Earn 26.5 CME Credits

Earn up to 26.5 CME credits with your registration, with the opportunity to earn many more if you include the on-demand option.

Included with all registrations Add-on options (additional fee)
Pre-Meeting On-Demand Sessions Core Meeting Oct 18-20 Pre-Meeting Workshops Oct 17 On-Demand Recorded Sessions
11 Credits 15.5 Credits 4 Credits 80+ Additional Credits
  • Kang
  • Experience More with
    On-Demand Content                            

    ASCP 2023 isn’t limited to 3 days in Long Beach. All registrants will have access to a series of 12 pre-meeting on-demand sessions beginning October 10th.

    Additionally, a selection of 80+ sessions will be recorded and released for 6 months following the meeting. Select a registration option with ‘On-Demand’ included for access to these sessions and the ability to claim CME credits for any that you view.