Scholarships for Lab Students

Deadline: November 15, 2013

Annually, ASCP and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics celebrate the future of the medical laboratory profession by awarding scholarships to students who have achieved a level of success that merits recognition. Scholarships assist students in balancing their full time studies and expenses which arise in the course of their educational endeavors.

Siemens and ASCP celebrate 10 years of helping students.

This year, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and ASCP commemorate the 10-year anniversary of its annual joint scholarship program, helping address the nation’s shortage of qualified medical laboratory professionals by promoting the profession and defraying students’ education costs. Since 2003, more than $1.4 million in scholarships to over 1,200 students has been awarded through the Siemens–ASCP Scholarship Program to deserving students pursuing bachelor’s or master’s degrees in medical laboratory science or other areas of laboratory medicine.

Additional information about scholarship requirements and application deadlines can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

"Writing the essay for the Siemens–ASCP scholarship changed my perspective about what I wanted to do in my career. The essay made me realize that I wanted to go beyond cytology screening. I though about aspiring to a management position, learning more about molecular diagnostics, and teaching laboratory professional students. In the few years since I graduated, I have achieved all three goals outlined in my essay for the Siemens–ASCP scholarship"

–Erin McCarthy
2008–2009 – ASCP Scholarship Winner

“The Siemens–ASCP Scholarship has made a huge difference. It’s tough to be a student. I am completely supporting myself. That’s why I applied for the Siemens–ASCP Scholarship. It’s hard to keep up with rent and the bills, and it’s helpful to have the scholarship to defray those expenses.”
–Amy Faliano
2012–2013 – ASCP Scholarship Winner
Ms. Faliano is one of 100 U.S. laboratory professional students this year who received a 2012–2013 scholarship through the Siemens–ASCP Scholarship Program.

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Siemens–ASCP Scholarship

Scholarship awards of $1,000 are available for students in their final year of study in one of the following NAACLS-accredited programs:
  • Cytogenetics Technologist (CG)
  • Cytotechnologist (CT)
  • Histotechnician (HT)
  • Histotechnologist (HTL)
  • Molecular Biology Technologist (MB)
  • Medical Laboratory Technician/Clinical Laboratory Technician (MLT/CLT)
  • Medical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist/Clinical Laboratory Scientist (MLS/MT/CLS)
  • Pathologists' Assistants (PA)

ASCP Phlebotomy Scholarship

Scholarships in the amount of $500 each will be awarded to students enrolled in or recent (within the past nine months) graduates of an approved phlebotomy training program.

Siemens Legacy Scholarship

Legacy Scholarships of $2,000 each are available to ten students who are a child, grandchild, sibling or niece or nephew of a of a certified MT/CLS/MLS and are enrolled in their final year of education in a Medical Technology (MT), Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS), Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) or Clinical Laboratory Technician (CLT) program.

Siemens Graduate Scholarship

Graduate Scholarships of $1,000 each are available to five students who are currently pursuing a graduate degree in the area of medical laboratory science.