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How is re.member different from the existing one-year ASCP membership?  
re.member is designed to sync up with your three-year certification maintenance cycle, so you won't need to renew your membership every year. re.member is a better value if you plan to maintain your certification, because the CMP points you need to maintain your certification are included in your membership fee, compared with the 6 CMP points you receive with the traditional one-year ASCP membership. Your BOC recertification fee (a $75 value) is also included in your re.member membership fee.

In addition, you have access to online tools to manage your recertification process, no more paperwork, a personalized learning plan, and services that submit your completed CMP declaration form to the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC).
What other benefits are included?  
As part of your re.member membership, you will also receive:
  • A membership ID card with your professional credentials
  • Members-only discounts on all ASCP books and education events
  • Free shipping on online purchases (publications and self study) at (U.S. and Canada)
  • Subscriptions to LABMEDICINE and ASCP's award-winning Critical Values quarterly news magazine and Daily Diagnosis e-news briefs
What is the membership term for re.member?  
Under re.member, your membership expiration date depends on the expiration date of your current certification. When you enroll, your membership expiration date will match your certification expiration date.
How do I enroll in re.member?  
Starting today, online enrollment will be open for laboratory professionals required to participate in the CMP (certified by the ASCP Board of Certification after 2004) as well as those who choose to do so voluntarily . You can also enroll by phone at ASCP Customer Service at 800-267-2727 for more information. Once enrolled, your online re.member benefits will become available immediately.
Is re.member always a multi-year membership plan?  
For most people, yes. The length of your membership depends on the number of months until your current certification expires. For example:
  • If there are 25 months or more until your certification expires, you are eligible to enroll for a three-year membership.
  • If there are 18 months (and less than 24 months) until your certification expires, you are eligible to enroll for a two-year membership.
  • If there are less than 18 months until your certification expires, you are eligible to enroll for a one-year membership.
I have two (or more) certifications. Can I enroll?  
Yes, laboratory professionals with multiple certifications under CMP may choose to maintain one certification through re.member. You can select the certification of your choice during the online enrollment process.
My employer provides me with continuing education. Can I transfer those credits to re.member?  
Yes. Any CE credits you earn from non-ASCP continuing education activity, including online activities, meetings or conferences and other educational activities, can be added to your re.member totals by using the Add non-ASCP credits feature.
My certification expired. Can I still enroll in re.member and recertify?  
Yes. If you allow your certification to expire and want to seek reinstatement, you can enroll in the re.member plan and track all of the CMP points you have earned in the previous three years. When you have completed your CMP requirements and are ready to submit your completed online declaration form to the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC), you will need to pay a $50 reinstatement fee for your expired certification. For additional questions regarding expired certifications, please contact ASCP at 800-267-2727 or
Is there a grace period for recertification?  
There is no grace period for expired certifications. If a CMP declaration form is received after the last day of the month that your certification expires, you will be required to pay the $50 reinstatement fee. If you allow your certification to expire and then seek reinstatement, you must submit a CMP declaration form documenting all points earned within the previous three years as required by your certification category. You will also be required to pay a $50 reinstatement fee when you are ready to submit your online declaration form to the Board of Certification (BOC).
I would like to participate in the Credential Maintenance Program voluntarily so I can use the "CM" superscript in my ASCP credentials. Can I enroll in re.member?  
To enroll in re.member, you must be in a current recertification cycle whether you are participating voluntarily or are required to complete CMP. If you have already completed one recertification cycle voluntarily, click on the Enroll Now button to get started in re.member. If you are completing your first CMP cycle voluntarily, simply follow the steps outlined on the BOC web site.
Can I use the 25 CMLE points I received from earning my specialist certification from the BOC towards my BOC recertification requirements?  
The BOC awards 25 CMLE points to individuals when they earn a specialist certification. The points are awarded for the studying and preparation that is required to sit for the certification examination. The points may be used for state licensure, employer CE requirements or for one time only towards recertification for any certification other than the one for which it was awarded. For example, if an MLS certificant earns a specialty certification (such as a Specialist in Hematology certification), 25 points will be awarded and may be used to meet the MLS recertification requirements.

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  • Your recertification fee to the BOC is included ($75 value).*
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    • Progress tracking and notification alerts – no missed deadlines!
    • Electronic submission of your CMP declaration form to the BOC – eliminates paperwork!
  • Your membership extends through your recertification date – there's only one, easy date for you to keep track of.
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*To qualify, you must have paid your ASCP member dues for at least 3 consecutive years.