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Topic Area (Minimum Points Required) My Points Earned My Points Needed
Lab Safety (1.00) 0.00 1.00
Blood Banking (2.00) 2.00 Completed!
Chemistry (2.00) 2.00 Completed!
Hematology (2.00) 2.00 Completed!
Microbiology (2.00) 2.00 Completed!
Related Interest (27.00) 12.00 15.00
Total (36.00) 20.00 16.00
Title Date Completed Credits Credit Allocation
A "Lean" Foundation for the Laboratory 8-28-2010 1.00 Lab Safety
Importance of Positivity in the Clinical Laboratory Workplace 9-17-2010 1.00 Lab Safety

indicates your required points in this topic area are completed.

*a total of 36.00 points is necessary to complete your CMP, including the minimum required points indicated for each topic area in parenthesis next to each category.