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Acquired Platelet Disorders 1.00 12-31-2010
A Massive Transfusion Protocols: Should Every Blood Bank Have One? 1.00 12-31-2012
A New Laboratory Algorithm in Syphilis Testing Creates New Diagnostic Challenges 1.00 12-31-2012
A Possible RBC T-Activation in a Pediatric Patient: Suggestion for Transfusion Management 1.00 12-31-2011
An Antibody to a High-Frequency Antigen: The Search for Compatible Blood 1.00 12-31-2010
An Evaluation and Management of Iron Deficiency 1.00 12-31-2012
An Investigation of an Incompatible Antiglobulin Crossmatch in a Patient With a Negative Antibody Screen 1.00 12-31-2010
Antiphospholipid Syndrome: The Challenge of Diagnosis and Laboratory Testing 1.00 12-31-2011
Application of Point-of-Care Measurement of Creatinine 1.00 12-31-2012