BOC Study Guide App FAQ

  1. What operating system is the app available for?
  2. The app is available for iOS and Android devices. It is compatible with Android version 4.0 and above, and iOS version 4.3 and above.

  3. When I log in to the app, I don't see the BOC Study Guide.
  4. Make sure you have first purchased either the app alone or the book and app package from Once you do this, log out of the app and log back in with your user credentials. You will need to log in with the same user credentials used when purchasing the app from

  5. How do I login to access the BOC Study Guide App?        
  6. Purchase access to the BOC Study Guide App through Then log in to the ASCP Mobile App using your ASCP user credentials. Be sure to use the same login used when you purchased access to the app from  Once you are logged in to the app, you will see be able to select “BOC Study Guide.” Users who have not purchased access won’t see this option.

  7. How do I unlock my account?
  8. Please use the login assistance found at

  9. I cannot locate the App.
  10. Ensure that you have successfully purchased access to the App from Then download the ASCP Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play.

  11. My BOC Study Guide App is not loading or is loading very slowly.
  12. Be sure that you are connected to the Internet or a data network.

  13. Are there a limited number of times that I can access the BOC Study Guide App?
  14. No. Once purchased, you have unlimited access the App.

  15. Can I share my App with someone else?
  16. Access the BOC Study Guide App is limited to a single unique login.

  17. I have received a “502” error message
  18. (iPhone only): Try closing down and re-launching the app. If this doesn’t work, go to “Settings” on your phone, select “Safari,” then select “Clear Cookies and Data.” Restart the app.

For additional assistance, email or contact Customer Service at 800-267-2727, option 2