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Resident Grants and Awards

Each year, ASCP recognizes the individuals who have made outstanding, lifelong contributions to the Society. This year, ASCP honors members in several categories for their singular efforts toward the advancement of the organization. ASCP applauds them for their imagination, their tenacity, and their vision.

ASCP also provides unique grant opportunities to qualified residents in pathology. To find out more about ASCP resident grants or how to apply, visit the tabs below.

2013-2014 Subspecialty Grants (Round 1)

In order to provide timely access to ASCP’s subspecialty grants, the American Society for Clinical Pathology is now offering two rounds of resident grants. Grant monies are split between Round 1 and Round 2. The grants are given to defray the cost of doing elective rotations at outside institutions in fields of pathology in which the resident desires increased exposure. The time period of study will vary between one, two and four weeks and the ASCP grant will provide a $500, $1000 or $2000 stipend depending on the length of study. This program is designed to allow residents to broaden their training experience by exposing them to material not currently available at their institution and by allowing them to work with a prominent pathologist of their selection. You are eligible for the grant if you are an ASCP Resident member.

Resident Subspecialty Grant applications are due Jan. 15, 2014.    If you are interested in applying for a grant, please send in your application.

Read the news story, "Residents Expand their Skills and Change Lives through ASCP Subspecialty Grants."

For specific requirements, see Frequently Asked Questions (Word Doc).

    Benjamin J. Havard, MD
    Medical University of South Carolina

    Jennifer L. Shuttlesworth, MD
    University of Texas

    Raja Moti Gidwani, MD
    University of Missouri-Kansas City/Truman Medical Center

    Natalia Golardi, MD
    University of Texas

    Nicole DeMers, MD
    University of South Florida

    Eric Yee, MD
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

    Fernando Antelo, MD
    Harbor-USCA Medical Center

    Robin Wirth, MD
    Memorial University (Canada)


    Stephen Hammond, MD
    Boston Medical Center

    Lili Lee, MD
    New York University Langone Medical Center


    Feriyl Bhaijee, MD
    Rebecca Sonu, MD

    William W. Bivin, MD
    Betty M. Chung, DO, MPH