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Resources for
Residency Program Directors

ASCP gives you resident resources.

If you are looking for resources to help you mentor and guide your residents through their medical training and career preparation, ASCP is here to provide you support. Visit the tabs below to access a variety of tools designed especially for you and your residents, including the new ASCP Resident Handbook, ASCP Fellowship and Job Market Surveys, and the ASCP Career Center, which offers job listings as well as other career information for your residents.

The ASCP Resident Handbook is now available.

The booklet includes information regarding ASCP volunteer opportunities, educational programs, publications, and other valuable resources for residents.

The Resident Handbook also serves as a guide to the many benefits of ASCP Resident membership, including subspecialty grants, opportunities to present and publish research in the American Journal of Clinical Pathology, and events such as ASCP’s “Hill Day,” where residents who have an interest in the political process can spend a day meeting with their senators and representatives discussing pathology-related issues.

To get a copy of the resident handbook, click here.

    Are you looking to make the next step in your career? ASCP Career Center allows job seekers and employers to unite by providing updated job opportunities as well as a robust database of professional profiles for employers looking to fill an opening. The Career Center also provides valuable career information and resources including wage and salary data, news, and tips on interviewing.

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      GYN Assessment--Measure your team’s interpretive skills in gynecologic cytopathology testing and fulfill your CAP LAP accreditation requirements for interlaboratory comparison. Choose the date you wish to start. Then, you’ll receive 15 high-quality glass slide cases throughout the year. Detailed educational materials and individual comparative result reports are provided for each glass slide case. A year-end summary provides statistical performance reports for all individuals on your laboratory team, as well as the laboratory as a whole.

      Non-GYN Assessment--Measure your team’s interpretive skills in non-gynecologic cytopathology and fulfill CAP LAP accreditation requirements for interlaboratory comparison. Like the GYN Assessment, choose the date you wish to start. Over a year, you will receive 20 high-quality glass slide cases. A year-end summary provides statistical performance for all individuals in your laboratory team.

      GYN Lab Comparison--This comprehensive program fulfills all your gynecologic cytopathology proficiency testing and CAP LAP accreditation requirements for interlaboratory comparison. Choose the date of your ASCP GYN PT™ testing, slide type as well as a second date for your Lab Comparison shipment. Your ASCP Lab Comparison program consists of 12 high-quality glass slides, detailed comparative results and year end statistical summaries.

      GYN Digital Image Program-- This is the first quarterly event for in this calendar year program that provides 20 GYN cases divided into quarterly testing event cycles of five cases each. Each patient case is depicted by high-resolution digital images in printed format and on CD-ROM. Images, case histories and follow-up educational case studies are also available on the web. Individual and interlaboratory performance statistics are provided.

      NonGYN Digital Image-- This program includes 20 diagnostically interesting NonGYN/FNB cases depicted by high-resolution digital images, followed by interlaboratory statistics and detailed case discussions. An ideal program to add to your educational library and teaching tool for staff, residents or fellows.