Support The ONELab Fund

Support the ONELab Fund

The ONELab Fund supports residency program projects which enhance learning and leadership, enables laboratory students and Residents to attend educational sessions, showcases careers in diagnostic medicine to students and supports the next generation of laboratory leaders.

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  • “The ONELab Fund supports initiatives such as the ASCP Travel Grant, which made it possible me to attend the ASCP Annual Meeting and expand my knowledge.”

    Yvonne Chekaluk MB(ASCP)CM
    2015 ASCP Travel Grant Recipient

  • “Education is very essential in the Medical Laboratory field. Some have the potential to do great work, but, do not have the financial backing to follow that dream or profession. We need well educated people working in this field and if a little support in form of scholarship funding helps, I am thankful that I could help someone a little.”

    Anita L Merrill BS, MT(ASCP)
    Chief Medical Technologist

  • “I am so thankful for the opportunities that ASCP Resident Subspeciality Grant has afforded me during my pathology residency. Through the assistance provided by the grant I was able to arrange for transportation and nearly all of my housing costs in order to complete a month long elective at the Cleveland Clinic. There is no question in my mind that this education opportunity has helped me to become a better pathologist. I cannot articulate how grateful I am to be a recipient of the $2,000 ASCP Resident Subspcialty Grant.”

    Elif Akin, MD