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Help Wanted: ASCP Vacancy Survey Launches

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The workforce shortage is on the minds of every pathologist and laboratory professional. It’s a challenge now to find enough qualified medical laboratory professionals. But will it be even worse five years from now? Are the baby boomers in the profession planning to retire in droves? Or has the Great Recession changed their game plan?

The answers will be found in the 2012 ASCP Vacancy Survey, launched on July 25, 2012 and remaining open until Aug. 31, 2012. ASCP strongly encourages its members to complete the survey—the more survey respondents, the better the data. Take the survey here.  

“The ASCP Vacancy Survey is an important tool for hospitals, reference laboratories, universities training students, and government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Labor,” said Jeff Jacobs, ASCP Vice President of Public Policy and Government Relations. “It is a gauge for what’s happening in the workforce. By measuring the number of vacancies, we know how much the workforce shortage is affecting the laboratory profession nationally and through regional variations. We urge ASCP laboratory professionals to participate in this crucial survey.”

ASCP conducts the Vacancy Survey every other year in conjunction with the ASCP Wage Survey. These ASCP Surveys, conducted for the past 22 years, have become the primary source of information for academic, government, and industry experts in defining the state of the nation’s laboratory professional workforce.

As in the past, the Vacancy Survey will seek to collect staff- and supervisory-level data, as well as recruitment and retention information in the laboratory workforce. Some of the new activities included in the ASCP Vacancy Survey involve new questions, specifically:

  • Have new testing technologies had a substantial impact on staffing needs? Has this resulted in a reduction or increase in staff?

  • What happens to unfilled positions? Are they eliminated or left open until filled?

The ASCP Vacancy Survey and the ASCP Wage Survey reports will appear in Lab Medicine in 2013.  

Take the survey here.