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2012-2013 Career Ambassadors

Thursday, August 2, 2012


LaToya M. Anderson, MLS(ASCP)CM

Chad M. Bentley, MLT(ASCP)CM

Jonathan D. Rabot, MLS(ASCP)CM

Julie L. Chapman, PBT(ASCP)CM
Thirty-two members of the ASCP have been selected to serve as ASCP Career Ambassadors, making presentations to pre-college students to create awareness about medical laboratory science as a career. Sponsored by Roche, the Career Ambassador Program is a collaborative effort to address the looming laboratory science workforce shortage by putting newly certified members into classrooms across the country to create awareness and discuss the benefits of the profession to pre-college students.

Ka Pou E. Iong, MLS(ASCP)CM California
Jonathan D. Rabot, MLS(ASCP)CM California
Ninamari G. D'Occhio, MLS(ASCP)CM Delaware
Meghan A. Phelan, MLS(ASCP)CM Florida
Amanda J. Stewart, PA(ASCP)CM Florida
Anna M. Prahl, MLT(ASCP)CMMBCM Hawaii
Ayman Irahim, C(ASCP)CM Illinois
Parnetta R. Sutton, MLS(ASCP)CM Illinois
Kaitlyn R. Stiles, MLS(ASCP)CM Maryland
Samantha R. Aldrich, MLS(ASCP)CM Michigan
Erin N. Arnst, MLS(ASCP)CM Michigan
Julie L. Chapman, PBT(ASCP)CM Michigan
Brent M. Osantoski, MLT(ASCP)CM Michigan
Caitlin M. Kaman, MLS(ASCP)CM Minnesota
Anna R. Nelson, MLS(ASCP)CM Nebraska
Megan L. Owens, HT(ASCP)CM New Hampshire
Kirby L. Pereira, MLS(ASCP)CM New York
Chad M. Bentley, MLT(ASCP)CM Ohio
Rebekkah Cummins, MLT(ASCP)CM Ohio
Amanda D. Schmidt, MLS(ASCP)CM Oregon
LaToya M. Anderson, MLS(ASCP)CM Pennsylvania
SSgt Kenneth R. Frati, MLS(ASCP)CM South Carolina
Alex E. Hastings, MLS(ASCP)CM South Carolina
Ghamila El-Khouja, MLS(ASCP)CM Texas
Vanessa Jasso, MLS(ASCP)CM Texas
Rezvaneh Parsa, CT(ASCP)CM Texas
Amber R. Rosta, MLS(ASCP)CM Texas
Heba M. Abbassy, MLS(ASCP)CM Virginia
Jenae D. Tynes, PBT(ASCP)CM Virginia
Christine E. LaBarre, M(ASCP)CM Vermont
Holly N. Anderson, MLS(ASCP)CM Wisconsin
Joshua E. Coffield, MLS(ASCP)CM West Virginia