2011 ASCP Member Excellence in Education Award
Sharon S. Ehrmeyer, PhD, MT(ASCP)


While she began as a medical technologist, since 1991 Sharon S. Ehrmeyer, PhD, MT(ASCP), has headed up the Medical Technology program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (UW-Madison), Wis. Educating students and practicing professionals by making “information intriguing and understandable” has become her most memorable accomplishment, she said. So it is fitting that Dr. Ehrmeyer will receive the 2011 ASCP Excellence in Education Award in honor of her many achievements as an educator.

“It is extremely rewarding for my efforts in education to be recognized by ASCP, a preeminent organization that understands the value of education for its membership and continually offers outstanding educational programs,” she said.

Dr. Ehrmeyer was a member of the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC), including the BOC Board of Governors, Vice Chair of the BOC Globalization Task Force, and BOC Board Liaison to the Clinical Chemistry Committee. ASCP certified since 1966, she thrives on belonging to a Society that works on behalf of the entire laboratory team.

Although Dr. Ehrmeyer has worked with many talented colleagues, two mentors exerted strong influences on her career—James O. Westgard, PhD, and the late Ronald Laessig, PhD, both at UW-Madison. Dr. Westgard advised her to do what she thinks is valuable and not to let others define her, which was career changing advice, according to Dr. Ehrmeyer.

Helping to advance her career at UW, Dr. Laessig opened many doors for her and made Dr. Ehrmeyer aware that to succeed at a large, prestigious university, the right mentor was essential. “Ron was the right mentor,” she said.

A prolific author and lecturer, Dr. Ehrmeyer has traveled worldwide, educating laboratory professionals about quality and regulatory practices. While Paris and Zermatt, Switzerland, were once her most desirable destinations of choice and still among her top selections, she has added other favorite cities to her roster and loves to travel for business and pleasure.