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The Board of Certification helps you advance your career.

The Board of Certification helps you advance your career.

For all laboratory professionals, the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) is here to help you maintain your certification and excel in your career!

As the oldest and largest certification agency for laboratory professionals, the BOC has certified more than 500,000 individuals since it was established and has become the gold standard for certification of laboratory personnel. ASCP's 2013 Wage Survey of U.S. Clinical Laboratories found that certified laboratory professionals earn more than their non-certified counterparts.  

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Steps to Synchronize Maintenance of Multiple Certifications

Certificants with multiple certifications may now synchronize the completion of their renewal process if they choose to do so. Here are the detailed steps to follow.

Steps to synchronize multiple certifications:
A completed declaration may be submitted at an earlier date within the three-year cycle to coincide with another certification cycle as long as the three-year cycle for any one certification category is not exceeded.

For Example, two certification expiration dates are shown below:

          Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) – Expiration October 2013
          Specialist in Blood Banking (SBB) – Expiration March 2014

Step 1: Choose the earliest credential maintenance (CM) end date. This will be the CM end date you will use in the future for both certifications. Why the earliest end date? You must complete all points within a three-year period. If you chose March 2014 as the CM end date, your MLS certification would expire before then.

Step 2: Contact the BOC office in writing at and explain your intent. Include your full name, customer ID number, and certification categories/numbers.

Step 3: After confirmation from the BOC office, complete the required points for both certification categories before the selected CM end date, in this case October 2013. (Remember you may use some of the same CE points to meet the CMP requirements for more than one certification category.)

Step 4: Submit Declaration Forms* for both MLS and SBB recertification before October 2013. (Submit $75 for the first one and $15 for the second form, a savings of $60.) *If a paper declaration form is required, you will be provided with a PDF copy at the time your request in confirmed by our office.

Step 5: When your declaration forms have been reviewed and approved, your certifications for both MLS and SBB will now expire in October 2016.