40 Under 40

Determined Visionary.

Jitakshi De, MD FASCP
Age: 39 | Palo Alto, CA

Discovery: As a medical student fellow at NIEHS-NIH (Research Triangle Park, NC), she discovered an unusual Cx8Cx5Cx3H type of RNA-binding Zn++ finger protein with a putative role in early embryogenesis.

During Her Training: Dr. De performed research on survival pathways in classical Hodgkin lymphoma, acute myeloid leukemia-associated point mutations and translocations, chronic lymphocytic leukemia prognostic factors, and cell signaling networks in normal and leukemic stem/progenitor cells.

Awards: CAP Fellowship in Hematopathology and BD Biosciences stem cell research award.

Research Interest: Studies of cell signaling networks and interactions between neoplastic cells and their microenvironment in oncogenic states, and discovery of novel cell-based protein biomarkers to prognosticate outcomes to targeted therapies.