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Rama Gullapalli, MD, PhD
Age: 38 | Albuquerque, NM

Current Responsibilities: Assistant Professor in the departments of Pathology, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering at the University of New Mexico. His lab is currently focused in two areas of research: 1) basic cancer biology of Hepatobiliary cancers using high throughput techniques of next generation sequencing and 2) development of non-invasive, high sensitivity techniques for capture and analysis of circulating biomarkers such as DNA, RNA and exosomes in cancer patients.

Highly Interested In: The convergence of emerging technologies with traditional clinical and pathology practice with a specific focus on clinical genomics, bioinformatics and personalized medicine. The Gullapalli lab brings to bear a wide variety of research methodologies such as high throughput sequencing, bioinformatics, molecular biology, nanoparticle synthesis, and systems biology to understand the problem of hepatobiliary cancers.

Affiliations: Member of the UNM Center for Biomedical Engineering and the UNM Cancer Center.