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ASCP Career Ambassador Program

The ASCP Career Ambassador Program, generously supported by Roche for many years now, creatively exposes a profession well-hidden from the public. Our selection of all ASCP―certified laboratory professionals, not just those who have been recently certified, is vital to helping build a stronger bond between pre-college students and the laboratory profession.

Going from the laboratory to the classroom, Career Ambassadors get a unique and advantageous perspective of what the students’ knowledge and questions are about the profession. ASCP has developed this ambassador program to help laboratory professionals build relationships with science teachers and students by:

  • Building engagement across high school campuses;
  • Conducting and promoting awareness of laboratory careers;
  • Assisting in learning how we can best engage, encourage, and addressing the issues that students have about choosing a career in the laboratory.

Be a part of an adventurous learning experience.

The insight that ASCP captured from a recent survey revealed a critical workforce shortage, yet there are not enough qualified people to fill the void. Many laboratory professionals are retiring and deficiencies in funding educational programs are among the issues that have led to the shortage. Even now, the public, particularly students at the high school level are unaware of the opportunities available to them as a qualified laboratory professional.

The Career Ambassador Program is designed to help change that perspective. We would like our Career  Ambassadors to inspire knowledge, understanding, and a grasp of the profession, along with the challenges of the laboratory environment. We encourage ASCP-certified laboratory professionals to aid in this fascinating endeavor.

View photos of the 2013-2014 Career Ambassadors in action here.

Please check back in Spring 2015 for application requirements and materials.



    Why should you consider becoming a Career Ambassador?

    One, you’ll get to point out the start on a roadmap of learning for the students, communicating strong, clearly and concisely the level of requirements needed to achieve the career of a laboratory professional. As you develop your leadership and presentation skills hosting sessions for your students, you ‘ll learn how to maintain a student-centered focus, one of responsibility, maturity and professionalism. You are compensated financially and will be provided with a distinctive opportunity to engage in ASCP’s Laboratory Management University. You will be given tools to assist in ensuring that with each session, you’ll find a new thrill and a new challenge.


    What are the responsibilities of a Career Ambassador?

    This is an opportunity for Career Ambassadors to act as a link to high schools and the community. Sure, you will have many responsibilities, but mainly as a Career Ambassador, you will be able to build appreciation and familiarity with the laboratory profession. One way is through classroom presentations and unique interactive activities you plan for your students. We think the experience will be insightful and loads of fun for many curious students as well as you.

    Who provides funding for the program?

    The ASCP Career Ambassador Program is generously sponsored by Roche, one of the world’s leading research-oriented healthcare groups with core business in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.


    For more information or questions about this program, please contact the Career Ambassador Program Administrator via email or by calling 312-541-4110.


      Career Ambassadors are the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. The Career Ambassador Program is essential to furthering our mission of fostering excellence in our Laboratory Professional members. These individuals play a vital role in communicating with high school students:

      • Sharing interesting aspects of laboratory science career tracks;
      • Informing what’s it really like to work in a laboratory environment;
      • Inspiring their peers and students’ views of careers in the Laboratory Sciences

      The program itself is unique in that Career Ambassadors help cultivate awareness in students of other career avenues they can seek in the sciences. As a part of a group exhibiting academic excellence and strong commitment to community service, the contributions you make as a Career Ambassador will help make a lasting difference in a student’s life by encouraging them to also strive for excellence as they become leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

      The goal of the program is to expose pre-college students to the critical role that laboratory professionals play as members of the healthcare team and in delivering patient care. Be a part of a great program and share your stories of why you decided to become a laboratory professional.

      Please check back in Spring 2015 for application requirements and materials.


      For more information or questions about this program, please contact the Career Ambassador Program Administrator via email