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International Certification and Qualification


ASCPi Certification & Qualification: Our Global Response to a Changing World

International Credentials through ASCPi help you stay focused on work and education priorities no matter where you’re located.

ASCP offers its gold standard credentials in the form of international certification to eligible individuals worldwide. The ASCPi credential certifies professional competency among new and practicing laboratory personnel in an effort to contribute globally to the highest standards of patient safety. Graduates of medical laboratory science programs outside the United States are challenged with content that mirrors the standards of excellence established by ASCP exams. The ASCPi credential carries the weight of eighty years of expertise in clinical laboratory professional certification.

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Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) uses Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT), which is criterion referenced, for all certification examinations. With CAT, when a person answers a question correctly, the next test question has a slightly higher level of difficulty. The difficulty level of the questions presented to the examinee continues to increase until a question is answered incorrectly. Then a slightly easier question is presented. In this way the test is tailored to the individual’s ability level.

Each question in the test bank is calibrated for level of difficulty and is assigned a content area that matches with the subtest area of the content outline for a particular examination. The weight (value) given to each question is determined by the level of difficulty. Therefore, the examinee must answer enough difficult questions to achieve a score above the pass point.

The examinations (with the exception of PBT and CTgyn) are scheduled for 2 hours and 30 minutes with 100 questions. The PBT examination is scheduled for 2 hours with 80 questions. The CTgyn examination is scheduled for 1½ hours with 50 questions.

Your preliminary test results (pass/fail) will appear on the computer screen. A notification to view your examination score post login will be emailed to you within four (4) business days after you have taken the examination provided all official transcripts verifying the appropriate degree have been received. Examination results cannot be released by telephone, to anyone.

Your official score report will indicate "PASS" or "FAIL" status and the scaled score on the total examination. All examination scores are reported in scaled score. A scaled score is mathematically derived (in part) from the raw score (number of correctly answered questions) and the difficulty level of the questions. Because each examinee has taken a different form of the examination, scaled scores are used so that tests may be compared on the same scale. The minimum passing score is 400. The highest attainable score is 999.

If you were unsuccessful in passing the examination, your scaled scores on each of the subtests will be indicated on this report as well. These subtest scores cannot be calculated to obtain your total score. These scores are provided as a means of demonstrating your areas of strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the minimum pass score.