Certification Benefits & Expiration

After passing the examination, you will receive a packet of information welcoming you as part of the ASCP certified laboratory team, including:

  • Certificate of Certification suitable for framing, valid for three years
  • Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) booklet

This information will be mailed to you approximately 3-5 weeks after notification of exam results. You will be required to use the initials “CM” in superscript after your certification initials immediately upon receipt of your certification i.e. MLS(ASCP)CM to indicate you are required to participate in the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP).

Certification Expiration
Your certification will remain valid for a period of three years, with the validation dates indicated on your certificate. In order to maintain your certification, you must complete the Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) every three years.

If you fail to complete the CMP as required, your certification will expire and no longer be valid. The ASCP Board of Certification will respond to requests for verification of certification with the dates in which your certification was valid.

If you passed the Specialist (SBB, SC, SCT, SH, SLS, SM), Diplomate (DLM), or Pathologists' Assistant (PA) level examinations, you will also be awarded 25 CMLE credits. A certificate documenting 25 CMLE credits will be emailed to you.

ASCP certification is public record. Inquiries about an individual’s certification status will be answered with the category and certification validation period.