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Tell Congress to Repeal Medicare's Flawed SGR Formula, Extend TC Grandfather Provisions

Friday, January 13, 2012

Urge Congress to Fix the SGR, Extend TC Grandfather Provision

Continued uncertainty with regard to the adequacy of reimbursement for Medicare physician services hampers the ability of pathologists to manage their practices and of laboratories to invest in critical patient care services and technologies. Consequently, the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) urges its entire membership to contact their representatives in Washington to call on Congress to fix flaws in the Medicare reimbursement update process.

After Congress failed to agree on a deficit reduction package, which ASCP had hoped would include a permanent fix to the flawed Medicare sustainable growth rate (SGR), Congress was ultimately able to forestall the anticipated 27-percent cut in reimbursement rates. This fix, however, expires in less than two months. It is urgent that Congress fix this problem now, before it spirals out of control. Fixing the SGR now would cost approximately $300 million but would likely cost more than $600 billion in only five years.

ASCP is working with the American Medical Association and other medical specialty societies to convince Congress to repeal the flawed sustainable growth rate. Additionally, ASCP is seeking a permanent extension of the Technical Component (TC) grandfather provision. To help pay the cost of repealing the SGR, ASCP urges Congress to close loopholes in the Stark self referral Law’s in-office ancillary services exception that allow clinicians to profit on their referrals for anatomic pathology services.

Please join your colleagues by using ASCP's e-Advocacy Center to send an urgent message to Congress on this critical issue NOW. Together healthcare professionals such as you and ASCP can help secure a better outcome for Medicare’s providers and beneficiaries.

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