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Public Policy Statements

Saturday, January 1, 2011

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ASCP is committed to developing public policies that not only improve the public's health through the practice of laboratory medicine, but also represent the interests of its membership.

The Commission on Public Policy is responsible for developing and monitoring the Society's public policies and government affairs activities. The Commission assists the Board of Directors in identifying and developing ASCP's Public Policy Priorities and developing ASCP's Public Policy Statements—the baseline for federal and state advocacy efforts undertaken by ASCP staff and members.

Public Policy Statements

ASCP has a formalized public policy statement development process. ASCP, through its Commission on Public Policy and Board of Directors, develops public policy positions regarding how the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine can benefit patients and the nation's health care system. These policies provide a reference for ASCP members working in the field of pathology and laboratory medicine and offer a baseline for advocacy efforts at the federal and state level undertaken by ASCP members and staff.