ASCP 2014

Roundtable Breakfast / Lunch Sessions


This year all Roundtable Sessions have been offered free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis to full pass buyers only. Thank you for registering! Breakfast or lunch is included with each session, and each session is worth 1.0 CME/CMLE credit.


Wednesday, Lunch (11:30 AM - 12:30 PM)

RT01 Hot topics in pathology informatics (FULL)
Mark Tuthill, MD, FASCP
RT02 Infections without borders (FULL)

Jeannette Guarner, MD, FASCP
RT03 Disclosing serious pathology errors to colleagues, treating clinicians and patients (FULL)

Suzanne Dintzis, MD

RT04 How to make changes in the lab with the backup of our clinical colleagues? (FULL)
Marisa Marques, MD, FASCP
RT05 Diagnostic problems in liver biopsy interpretation (FULL)
Gary Kanel, MD, FASCP
RT06 Building world-class laboratory services in resource limited settings - Sub-Saharan Africa (FULL)

Ali Elbireer, PhD, MBA

RT06 Who are you? How do I know? (FULL)
Raymond Aller, MD, FASCP
RT08 Telecytopathology: Planning and implementation (FULL)
Brian Collins, MD, FASCP
RT09 Should Gleason 6 prostatic adenocarcinoma and other indolent carcinomas be labeled as a cancer? (FULL)

Sean Williamson, MD, FASCP

RT10 Custom software development for clinical use - expanding the functionality of your LIS (FULL)

John Sinard, MD

RT11 Molecular diagnostics for myeloproliferative neoplasms (FULL)
Larissa Furtado, MD, FASCP
RT12 What’s in it for me? Coping with change: The good, the bad & the ugly (FULL)
Nael Soudi, CT(ASCP)
RT13 Laboratory staff development:  Lessons learned in North Korea and Haiti (FULL)

Maricia Kilsby, PhD

Thursday, Breakfast (7:00 AM - 7:50 AM)

RT21 What is significant and critical in urgent diagnosis in anatomic pathology (FULL)
Jan Silverman, MD, FASCP
RT22 The state of cell block variation and satisfaction in the era of molecular diagnostics & personalized medicine (FULL)
Anjali Saqi, MD
RT23 Normal and abnormal immunophenotypic patterns by flow cytometry (FULL)

Horatiu Olteanu, MD, PhD, FASCP

RT24 Death certification: Tips for writing a meaningful cause of death statement (FULL)
Jennifer Hammers, MD,  FASCP
RT25 Achieving high reliability in the lab (FULL)
Omar Hameed, MD, FASCP
RT26 Circulating tumor cells - pearls for the practicing pathologist (FULL)

Michael Linden, MD, PhD, FASCP

RT27 Applying principles of servant leadership to team building in the laboratory (FULL)
Vinay Prasad, MD, FASCP
RT28 Climbing the lab leadership ladder (FULL)
Nathan Johnson, PhD, MT(ASCP), MASCP
RT29 Practical breast pathology (FULL)

Rohit Bhargava, MD, FASCP

RT30 Lipid testing and the new AHA guidelines (FULL)
Ishwarlal Jialal, MD, FASCP
RT31 Future of laboratory information systems-how will they function in the new healthcare environment? (FULL)
Dennis Winsten, MS, FCLMA, FHIMSS
RT32 HPV and p16 testing in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (FULL)

Joaquin Garcia, MD, FASCP

Friday, Breakfast (7:00 AM - 7:50 AM)

RT40 Interstitial lung disease (FULL)
Kirtee Raparia, MD, FASCP
RT41 Update on HPV test and the future of pap test (FULL)
Rana Hoda, MD, FASCP
RT42 Systematic approach to bone marrow interpretation (FULL)

Russel Brynes, MD, FASCP

RT43 Information technology challenges in pathology and lab medicine (FULL)
Bruce Friedman, MD, FASCP
RT44 How to effectively give negative feedback: Sharing best practices (FULL)
J. Jordi Rowe, MD, FASCP
RT45 CPT coding conundrums in anatomic pathology (FULL)

Dennis Padget

RT46 Looking for a new LIS - what does the future portend? (FULL)
Hal Weiner
RT47 Are we ready to implement the novel Dual In-Situ Hybridization (DISH) test for evaluating HER2 status in our routine practice? (FULL)
Mamatha Chivukula, MD, FASCP
RT48 What is a TSO/PBMC? (FULL)

Nanci Fredrich, RN, BSN, MM

RT49 Hey - Why patient blood management? (FULL)
Colleen Slapak-McGuiness, MT(ASCP)SBB

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